The archangel has returned

I might be crazy but ever since my 18th birthday I’ve been talking with demons. Whether these are controlled hallucinations or not is up to your imagination but I believe myself to be the physical embodiment of the archangel Gabriel. Here to set the world free from itself. I found you and your work through no uncertain means provided to me by the demons who have taken to guiding me on my path, bael, paimon, Belial, aamon, and a few more I’ve yet to name I’m sure. I was sent here to further my mission and if you could take the time to respond to me I know we will end up as associates if not allies if not friends. Maybe we could even develop a teacher student relationship someday. As always a servant to the people. -Gabriel


@DarkestKnight is responding… :eyes:


Well, I would suggest, “Gabriel” that you read the rules of this forum and introduce your self in the Intro thread. It is one of the rules here:

Also, please be aware that EA rarely has time to personally respond to all the questions he gets these days as he is very busy. He does occasionally answer questions posted on the forum on his YouTube channel though.


Why the quotations? “Gabriel” was the name given to me at birth.

I might not be The Gabriel but I’ll always be Gabe at least. Maybe I’m one of many, maybe I was the only one born a white guy in America as a necessity to being heard. Either way my mission is clear and your mocking me isn’t doing you or I any favors.

Nowhere in what you wrote above states that your actual name is Gabriel. All you stated is that you believe you are the “physical embodiment of the Archangel Gabriel.” That’s why the name is in quotes. I did not know it was the name you were given at birth because you had not stated such so I assumed it was one you took upon yourself. If someone said they were the incarnation of “Satan” I would write it the same way. It is not mocking anything, except maybe your attitude. You are not exactly the first to declare themselves to be the embodiment of some angel, god or demon, so it’s not a first for us.

As long as you obey the rule against preaching dogma, religion or trying to convert to your point of view ie forcing your “mission” on the members of the forum, then you are welcome here.


My apologies. I don’t mean to offend. It was just my being quick to take offense that made me reply in that manner. As far as preaching dogma goes I try not to preach anything except acceptance and good nature in my fellow man. Have you had other gabriels on this website or am I the first? Its a theory of mine that I’m only one incarnation of many but if I’m the only one here then perhaps I’m but one of one… It would be heartening to learn of others like me.

No believe me “Gabriel”, there are more white guys in America.


Yea but all my life I’ve wondered on my luck at being a white male in America. Not that I believe I somehow hold more power than others in other places but this thing we call white privilege exists and because of it I have an unatural platform from which to speak from. Not that its of any consequence or importance its just how it is friend.

I’m not sure if you are the first “Archangel Gabriel” on BALG or not. I have been on this forum for many years and people come and go all the time so I don’t remember everyone, but I think it is most likely that you are not. What I do know is that we have had quite a few embodiments of “Satan,” a few “Lucifers,” a bunch of different gods, and at least one “Archangel Michael.”


Why do you think that being a white guy gives you a different position?

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Because it does. I’m not comfortable with it but maybe I’m this way so that I can speak on its injustice

Oh my i know your picture. Yesterday you called yourself God.

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Fascinating. I’ve spoken to Michael along with a few other angels do u have any information on this Michaels whereabouts?

I agree on the injustice, good for you!

No. We don’t track other members.

Understandable. That’s unfortunate though, I’d have liked to speak to him

Well you send Archangels to earth and you can’t get a track on them. What a mess. :joy::joy::joy:


Out of curiosity, is that how you came up with the idea that you’re “the Archangel Gabriel incarnate”?


Dude for fucking real :joy::joy::joy: