The Angel Haask - Angel of the Armory

Through the search function I couldn’t
fine anything about Haask when I last tried.

He is the Angel of the Armory. He gives
the tools and weapons of the Gods.
He is from the Kingdoms of Flame.

I guess Haask is one of the forgotten
spirits from the works of E.A. Koetting.
Anyone who had worked with him?

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once he gave me this dagger of stealth I think he called it


You really had contact with him?
How was it? Is his profession only to arm others?

he has more jobs I don’t remember thouth it was a year ago mabe

Does he teach anything?

Try this.

Or this.

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Thanks for that.
Didn’t know about the Armour.

how to use the armor and weapons

I worked with him. He gave me astral weapons. It felt really unique.

The blade is curved and maybe a foot long. It has a few uses. I’ve used it to “push back” on the astral manifestation of oppression from others, like other people’s psychic attacks. I’ve used it to cut cords, and to attack people who have aggressively attacked me. Haven’t used it as often as I once did when I first got it, things have gotten pretty peaceful. I still have it is what’s awesome.

He also gave me a pearl necklace that i don’t use often and I still don’t understand it’s full purpose. I thought it protected my head space but it didn’t work very well.

I really like Haask, I wanted another weapon and have asked but I haven’t received another since. I think he’ll arm me again when I need it

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