That Moment When 8: Strange days stranger nights

TMW you realize that you’ve been working out with BALG weights. :muscle:t3:


TMW you go on a somber guilt trip, from wanderign the forum for a bit…

Damn. This feels rough.
Yes. After i cursed the rapist and his spawn
not just did this person misscarry and the rapist get murdered, she also had various family members die off rapidly.

Perhaps i was the real curse all along.


(may Tiamat forgive me… :sweat_smile: )


(not sure why im seeing this now but ok)

this is adorable :pleading_face:

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I was thinking of my sexuality about wanting to “own” women for myself. I was thinikng that maybe it’s too demeaning?

Lilith chimed in.

" It’s not ownership if she likes it, Epsilon."

That line made me chuckle.


There’s a whole kink community for that it’s a Master/ slave dynamic. So there are women out there into that.

based goddess being based >:3
but, im sure her Lamashtu aspect probably would not mind unconsenting subs either :thinking:

(but i guess that depends on how you see lilith)
i personally hold the view that that lilith is the “dark”/wild side of inanna, while others say that lilith is a metagoddess, made up of the entirely malicious and non-sexual Lamashtu and the hypersexual Inanna.

TMW you re-assume the mantle of a chaote, and just start to go mad and see various signs, hyperventilating until a entity or group tells you some shit

just a little reminder to not be that guy…
(…yes i’m aware of the timing…)

TMW signs get a bit too “on the nose”


No. Just no :blush: ok?
We talked about this…

kind of fits the abrahamic faith… -since it planted the seeds for atheism, materialism and various kinds of political ideologies (that i wont go into rn)

so i guess “the false lighT” is a thing, but only as a side effect not as anytihng of true substance

How’s everybody doing lately

Welcome back to the community :slight_smile: What have you been up to lately?

Oh lots of different stuff just expanding my mind throughout the world lol

THIS is my gift for everyone who needs a little chuckle, to release some negativity and stress.


this too <3


" What do men do to women, Epsilon? They fuck 'em! They fuck 'em! That’s all, Epsilon."

Holy shit, I feel bad for all the women whose brains have been fucked out by men, lol.

tmw your boss comes over to your home to put your seriously strained neck back into place :sob: This is the second weirdest visit I’ve ever received so far :melting_face:


That moment when your spirit guides say everything they need to and one of the angels explains why they’re still there.

" We’re just bumming around you, Epsilon" Then she puts on a wide, dumb smile.

That moment when I’m waiting at a train station and strike up a really nice conversation with someone just my type and somehow convinced myself that her train leaves before I can get on mine. Then as she gets on it and the train pulls off, I realise… that train goes to my destination too :tired_face:

Almost the perfect result from a ritual two days ago. I noticed while talking to her this is exactly the thing I was asking for, knowing the right thing to say and do when opportunities arise. What a joy lol :laughing:


Great, now you have a splendid corny sales pitch about “the woman that got away on my train” when you’re plastering the train station with missing person posters :slight_smile: