That Moment When 8: Strange days stranger nights

TMW you finally pull off that desired curse. Feel kinda empty, get a trigger that reminds you why you hate him and then you get a clairaudient,

“Good. I can use that anger.”

Emotion is and will always be the greatest fuel for magick.

Tmw your bestie tells you your music makes them want to slit thier wrists, and you can’t help but spend the next 5 minutes splitting your sides.

Goth love. :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

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So i have to find a gift pack of crown royal, that has a set of shot glasses for my dad. Hopefully, shamrock liquor warehouse has it.

I also tried to ask my dad what my brother wanted for christmas as he lives with my dad, but even my dad didnt know. Was going to get him God of war.

TMW I see 10:10, 11:11, and 12:12 all today. I feel like there’s a message there lol.

Tmw your coworker did an egg cleanse on herself and she felt way better afterwards

She has done like a few spells and now im starting to wonder if she is slowly becoming pagan

Cute! I can use her to motivate me to cook.

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I kinda want one myself so where down the line. Lol

I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for witch stuff apparently. :magic_wand: :purple_heart:

Tmw, you’re in the drive thru the other day and the SUV in front of you is emblazoned with “witchy woman” decals

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I need chocolate

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Tmw my mom buys so many Hershey’s chocolate bars that I thought we were going to make s’mores with family friends. I ask why and she replies with “just incase we get snowed in.” What a criminal act!!!

Well all i got is chocolate milk and nutella so

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:yum: I wish I had Nutella and chocolate syrup to pour on icecream and make milk with.

Tmw you are starting to wonder why you keep getting bruises on your breasts

Tmw you kissed impulse control AND taste goodbye while grocery shopping :relieved:
Welcome, second worst thing in my wardrobe.


What’s the worst?


A faux leopard fur jacket :relieved:


Tmw: I no longer wonder if advertisement algorithms track my balg activity down to the word:

Just kidding, one of those you always know but man somedays it’s blatant in your face. I really prefer when I can pretend I’m doing things somewhat in private ya know? Or at least that they are only go to be where I put them! :rofl:


I got my appointment made yesterday for my tattoo to be finish next thursday

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So I’m not the only who does that sometimes? My husband always looks at me like I’m crazy lol

I can’t ever seem to get him to understand I think it’s interesting that I’m not implying anything! :rofl: I’m just like I noticed it! That’s all, really! :rofl:

I can’t usually find any real basis to believe most of the ones that catch my eyes are the same, but I find them interesting coininkydinks anyways :rofl:

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Bahaha, I know, right?

…it’s sorta like somebody slipped it into my head like some arcane whisper and I’m just sitting there like, “wait…holy shit…no way”

Tmw, is the magic making me crazy?

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