That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


Maybe Necrobation???


Basically, it feels like there’s a hole in my bicep kinda, the arm is limp and noodly.

That sounds like it’d be fun, or funny at the very least.


It was funny but it has full sensory input as well… so…


Sounds hot.


You should see the porn i watch


Nobody is ready for that fucked up degenerate shit. lol


I’m just a fan of milf porn so my tastes are very vanilla :joy:


My taste in porn isn’t necessarily vanilla, but I have been on a bit of a milf kick lately myself.

That and some good old bondage with some edging and denial type stuff. Not really big into pain play, but D/S and Bondage are some things I’m really into, so long as the dom knows what they are doing and the sub isn’t shouting the safe word every two seconds.


Mine our maid and master, boss and secretary, male solo, and bwc


Aw, you got my hopes up. :disappointed_relieved:


I like where this is going.


becomes a bit naughty


Show me.


Message me ill give you my kik and link them


TMW you’re watching a video of a black guy reacting to Megadeth. And he’s so confused by the guitar instrumentals; he cannot comprehend the technical prowess and he gets overwhelmed.

Probably from listening to much simplistic hip-hop.


This video right here:


Teh… N00bs @Aquas_Veritem


Exactly @Sentinel.

But just the fact that there are people who got so accustomed to the simplistic ‘instrumental’ tracks of hip-hop and pop that they can’t even comprehend anything more complex than that, it’s kinda crazy.


One of their best songs IMO.


I only partially agree. Hip-hop and Electectronic music’s genius, however simplistic, is interwoven in their sound design.

It’s the kind of thing that without the ear for it, it will always come across as night and day compared to classical instrumentation. But they’re honestly their own monster. It’s more apples and oranges.