That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


And Simmons is a kiss-ass


I liked Church and Sarge the most



The energy of these forums has felt… different the past couple days


Yup…mostly sexual


A lot of shit has started going down, and it’s entering a period of transition.



This was such a great movie.


TMW you’re legal tomorrow


Yay for you


I don’t think it’s coincidence that I wasn’t the only member to come back here in a small window of time after a very extended break. I think transition period is a good phrase for it.


Tmw you find a miracle at the thrift store in your small Bible thumping town


Did you get them


It’s on my table at home :joy:


Thats good


I took off for a year and now it feels all shiny and new again.


The Green Witch series is fantastic. There are not many basic witchcraft books or authors I recommend, but Ann Moura’s books definitely make the cut.


TMW my left arm is kinda dead right now because a friend accidentally vamped it when she was trying to project over to where I was to feel up my arms. I’ve had worse, but it did interfere slightly with my evocation today.


They say “Use your left arm so it feels like someone else doing it” - not sure what a dead-feeling arm would do! :rofl: :woman_zombie:


Better than someone telepathically spamming you their raunchiest cringiest mental porn and desires on ‘accident’.