That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!

Poor old TMW3 seemed to be going downhill fast and was close to the lock anyway, so I put it out of its misery and have started the brave new world of - That Moment When 4 :star_struck: - original concept explained here:

Light-hearted and funny are the key themes! :+1:

Edit to add, there is some strong adult and sexual language used in this topic, please do not read if these things may upset or offend you.




you finished crushing crystals into poweder and make yourself bleed from crushing them
becuase you curshed them with sea rocks


That moment when the question you are about to ask gets blocked… I’ll just pm it since statement to reply too is not in this instance of TMW. Fuck it I’m getting breakfast first.


TMW you’re about to draw a Sigil of a God but you can not decide which one you should. :thinking:

Yes I know…

(This would be a wild ride in the night I guess. :roll_eyes::wink:)


You work with Pazuzu still as well right?


This will surely be a huge success. Just like the star wars prequel trilogy…Or the Hobbit trilogy.


No, I started working with Pazuzu two years ago, and We’re still connected. :black_heart::tornado:

For now I want to work with Chernobog, but first I just want to know Him a little better, before We start it (Chernobog knows that my intentions are serious). He showed up two times within the last 6-7 days to me (once physycally, and the second was a possession), and I wish to spend with Him some quality time. :roll_eyes: So I think this “Sleeping with His sigil” can be a good option in my case, right now.


Ah alright. Well I take it from what you said on Pazuzu before that he likes a bit of mischief. Think he will work well together with Loki? Or will that get a tad out of hand too fast?


Oh noes, poor TMW 3 RIP…!


I sacrificed it to the gods of soap opera, hoping they will be pleased and depart this forum (she hinted, subtly). :stuck_out_tongue:


Not happening dear! :joy:


Oh you sweet, naive summer child… The drama is like a slasher villain…It will always return :rofl:


Well, I don’t know Loki very well (just basic informations), but I know Pazuzu: He can cooperate with other Gods (mostly destructive and mischief ones) very well, if your interest requires He can sacrifice for those His habits. But in the same time, He can be very dominant and jealous, so there is any chance that He won’t really want you to work with others. It depends on lots of things.

[ Frendly reminder: These are my experiences, and He likes handle persons differently, and I enjoy His privilege, so do not handle this as a “basic” trait of Him. He aggressively attacked other Spirits before, but let my near relative Gods to working with Them. ]

The drama is like a slasher villain…It will always return

Where is the member block option? It’ll fix some of those dramas.
Ah, I found it. That was the “mute” option I guess. :white_check_mark:


Well… Loki is chaos incarnate pretty much. I get the feeling Loki wants more to do with Pazuzu than anything… but Loki is not exactly use to warm welcomes when he visits himself because well… he has a reputation from my understanding. Well hopefully nothing important explodes. This should be interesting.
Thank you.


Aww just when I thought should I start a new thread. :neutral_face:


What happened to TMW 3?


It reached critical mass.


Drama… Okay, I’m trying to handle this with a light touch and not jackboots:

  • If these chat topics are going to remain a feature of the forum, they cannot turn into ongoing arguments, or places where people goad one another, or spar, or get abusive, or talk about other members.

Recently this has become quite widespread and I am trying to make this point, including in PM, without needing to go any further.

Once it begins, it’s only human nature for it to flourish, so it needs to stop now, with a clean break. Let’s get TMW back to the original concept it had. :+1:

I know endless gossip happens in PM but having a public place to spar and score points is not healthy, hence why I am trying to make the point, seemingly with a little too much subtlety, that this topic is NOT the “let it all hang out, post slapdowns, and argue” thread - it’s for “that moment when” posts, the funny shit and the lighthearted chat.

NOT how much of an asshole so-and-so is.

I don’t know how much more clearly to make that point, but I ask everyone to please consider this seriously.

I did post in the Lounge, that the devs are working on that and I think we will get it soon. I will post about it when it happens. :slight_smile:


I don’t think so. You know Loki very well, and I did not think that They’re both couldn’t get along with each other. Pazuzu specifically binds to women mostly, so you have a big advantage in this case, because I did not think He would handle you this situation sexually.

I did post in the Lounge, that the devs are working on that and I think we will get it soon. I will post about it when it happens.

Mute is ok to me first. I think.