That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


Fucking hell this is amazing.


lool Blyatman was my neighboor in Bratislava :joy: i had gopink tickets for free :ok_hand:t2: but i am glad we moved out because he was noisy af :joy::joy::joy::joy:


TMW the group working starts tommorow :metal:


Lier :rofl:


No i am not … he lives on Koliba where i lived too … dont say bullshits if you know littleshit :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:




jesus you are really pain in the ass :joy::joy:


And a creep.


yes :joy::joy::joy::joy: and creep with weird trumpet song :joy:


TMW I wake up from yet another cannibalism dream only to find you lot are talking about eating children.


You’re a prophet. @Banjax


@Bunnygamer1994 @Aquas_Veritem


Already saw it. But thanks.




Eh. I dream about eating people fairly often. So the odds are not impossible. In a particularly notable one last month I had Tom Hiddleston in a smoker. He was delicious by the way.


TMW I gotta start getting ready for work soon…

Haven’t had a day off in over a week, starting to burn out a bit.


Tmw when you sense you’re going to stick with certain demons for a while and there is some work ahead.


those kinds of TMW’s tickle my curiousity…


It’s just “a hunch”. I can’t explain it. :slight_smile:


I hear thee. Hang in there, dude.