That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


I see they solve world hunger, the vaccine debate, and over population all at once.

That was a really bad joke…


lool :joy::joy::joy::joy:


You eat children too,dont you ?


No… I don’t, I haven’t gotten that hungry yet.


That moment when…this thread will hit its limit and lock in less than 200 posts.

By the time I wake up, the birth of TMW 5 will be upon us!


I thought it was 10k posts not 9k???


I thought its 10 k too actually


Gasp! You are correct. I completely misread the count (there should be a 1 in front of that 200. I blame my keyboard) :open_mouth:

Though, to be fair, 1200 posts will still probably be reached by the time I wake up, thus heralding the birth of TMW 5 lol


By weekend at the latest, I think


There have been more than a few times that I have awakened and TMW has had over 300 new posts since my last visit so I’m thinking by Friday.


Then we will once again have a race on who can make the new one fastest and have it accepted by majority


TMW: My title lasted all of one minute lol



TMW I’ve been meaning to take the laundry to the dryer in the cellar for two hours but keep finding distractions…Like doing a tmw post for example…


Tmw you had to wake up early to get your mom up and really want to go back to bed


Tmw your kinda tired, and need to do stuff tonight, so a 2 hour nap is in order


Didnt you nap what was suppose to be two hours turned to nine




Take a three hour nap


I don’t understand why people can’t love cuddels…