That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


Tmw your senses are diminished
And are being rebuilded by the darkness of the qlippoth and by the infernal dragon ak’anak.


Tmw something incredible happened to your heart chakra


I knew you always loved me.


Stop it you :joy:


I’m remembering more of how I started to dwell even deeper into the rabbit hole. What really drew me in was back in January when I met Krishna on my way to school. That’s how I learnt more about Pranic energy


TMW you are considering to start giving away some free Tarot readings here on the BALG forum…


My mood


TMW you make dandelion tea for the first time


I think people would love you to do that. You are a great warlock and a great person.


Aww thank you sweety !! :hugs:
I would love some from you too!


And you are a badass witch!


Drop me an pm and happily will do.


Same here if you wanna want some


Tmw you wake up at exactly 12:34 pm


wow :ok_hand:t2::wine_glass:


Is this a sign or am i an overachiever


Thats because you are a chronokinetic !!!


exactly !!! it is a sign :fire:




You are master of time !!!