That Moment When 3


Tbh there’s a lot of confusing conflicting info out there. Speaking to someone with experience is always preferable to me but as with any topic you gotta do some research or there can’t be a conversation.


Tmw you are called psycho for singing the theme song to Barney at the workplace cause it “sounded” Demonic


Yeah, I would have too that thing is creepy af
(Only Barney with theme song I know of)


Nope :smiley:


My vote is that it’s @DarkestKnight yelling at you to get off his astral lawn.


TMW everyone who is screaming at all of your coworkers are suddenly turning into nice and restrained persons when you call them back :thinking:


He came to terrorize me for (semi) stealing his job as an executive promoter of the introductions thread, huh? :joy:


Yep that’s probably it.


Talking is a great way to develop understanding, but there are core concepts that can be picked up by having a good read through. My general point was more about the posts that are needlessly created when using the search function is neglected. Or even picking up any generic text. The confusion and conflict tend to arise when people don’t understand that the way one does things is heavily influenced by the path one chooses to walk. There is no cut and dry, wins every time method. Those who have developed such a thing are seasoned practitioners whom have figured out how it works for them.

Even Magicians have to do their homework.


What you say is true​:blush::heart:️I understand your point of view better now, thanks for sharing.


That moment when you are typing something and @Lady_Eva closes the thread :joy::joy::joy::sob::sob:


Just trying a little pre-emptive flamewar control, my dude. :sunglasses:

No harm or foul anywhere, but the topic wasn’t likely to get itself back on track.


Hypocrisy everywhere. I am really sick of people today.


You ok?


You ever have that one relative that you swear if he was dead would come back to life the same time every year just to spite you and make your life hell with how persistent and tenacious he is? Now add a bunch of other stupid shit on top and a town that would probably be better off being swallowed by a giant sinkhole. I am grouchy and have already exploded several lights.


Ah. Well. I don’t know how to help but I’m sorry


Its fine.


TMW how does housework equate with being judged a bad person? Really, since when! My house isn’t dirty, just a little disorganized. lol I could care less what the neighbors think too!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::pouting_cat:



Tmw goddamn I fucking love Music

This world would be hella boring without it

Shout out to all us Musicians, those who bring Music into the World and channel it into form :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
We are fucking awesome

And Hail the Gods and Goddesses of Music, thank y’all for creating this beautiful shit In so many styles and flavors