That Moment When 3


That moment when you accept something about yourself that you have been denying for a long time.



That moment when your predictions are on point and you nearly bite your own tongue off to refrain from chanting “I told you so!”


TMW you finally receive a diagnosis (took them long enough). Even if it sucks, I feel relieved. :relieved:


TMW you hex bomb an entire discord with inescapable nightmares because a mod and a couple of second rate EM’ing helium heads hurt your feelings… I am so petty.


TMW I am watching some classics “The Godfather series” while staring at Belial’s sigil, and this scene is closer to how he would take care of certain things:


tmw you walk past what looks to be harmless graffiti, only to feel your energy being syphoned. Burned that mo-fo to bits and kept on walking. Hope you like your meal char-broiled you bugger.


Ahhh sounds like Good ol Chaos mages :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Haha yeah, living in a big city again I’m not surprised. I’m just happy for my knee-jerk reaction to crispy-frying that thing. It did not feel pleasant at all.


TMW zero is now my favorite number! Become nothing to create anything everything you want. :game_die::boom:


Tmw you feel the Eternal Flames Enter you at random :volcano::volcano::volcano::volcano::volcano::volcano:


Totally not, I’ve fallen asleep while trying to meditate countless times… which is a shame cuz lying down is peaceful af


TMW a zoot after some meditation hits the spot


Tmw you realize it wasnt very practical to wear 5 1/2 heels to drive nearly 6 hours. :roll_eyes: :unamused:


Never wore heels but that sent a chill down my spine.


TMW when I found an old notebook with poems from my youth lol Gather around everyone, I’ll (roughly) translate a small part for you all :joy:


“And when everyone will kneel, bleeding, in the face of fear, I’ll gaze apathetically with a death stare beyond them, sitting in the throne of hate decorated with tears and screams of pain.” :face_with_monocle:

Silent ~2004~


Don’t cut yourself on all that edge :black_heart:


Yes I’ve been edgy as hell on my youth :joy::rofl: That was just a tiny part :laughing:


edge? edgy? don’t cut yourself with them words


How much does it hurt? :smiley: My mom recently found my old poems and was like “Look, that’s your stuff! Let’s read…” I only inhaled really sharp and tossed it in the trash can :smiley:


Nah it doesn’t! The more I read the more I’m grateful for finding balance and become who I am today :joy: I’m not throwing away my precious, it’s a reminder of where I was standing :wink: