That Moment When 3


Thank you @Micah for the info, I thought I had solved that issue with the angelics… Now I have human magis masking as angels, because…why not!? :unamused:


TMW you’ve caught the flu and are dying in bed. Maybe anyone got a spell for my eyes and nose to stop fuckin watering? :smiley: Manflu is real


@Manflu got any suggestions?


TMW you start to get dizzy, very weak, coughing up black and then have this freakish nose bleed Attack

Legit wanted to draw up sigils but the bleeding was too aggressive :joy:


You need to call an ambulance or go to the hospital cause that ain’t normal.
Even if it is an entity that’s still a lot of blood.




Wtf meat like :joy:


Depending on where you work id turn his ass in to HR.



Can you ship me some of your blood? Lol. I like me some blood.

P.S. i hope you are better now.


Why don’t you buy an extra rare piece of MEAT?


Get fresh raw meat from a butcher shop. Eat it and you will be rewarded with mouthwatering tastes and a healthy dose of all (most) essential nutrients needed in the body.


You sound like Bean from disenchanted when she gets a job at the pet store.


You had blood draining down to your lungs, coagulating. You need to side sleep until it stops. Be careful of infection.


Honestly, I’d recommend a doctor to prescribe antibiotic just in case. Blood breeds bacteria fast and if it was in your lungs long enough to coagulate it could have gotten infectious. However, a clot may have simply dislodged from the sinus where there was the injury (dryness or whatever) and dropped down into the lungs suddenly. However, the dizziness beforehand makes me think it was more gradual. The coughing opening the delicate bleed area.


That moment when your servitor becomes sentient and changes their looks within a few short days.


Tmw… you get pulled from your dream to some kind of “satanic church meeting”. And one of the guys writes a contact number on your torso in permanent marker so you can call them up when you wake up and then you go back to your normally scheduled dream, wake up, and can only remember half the number…

If this is the first half anyones number give me a heads up… i suck at remembering phone numbers :grin::grin:



I only memorized one and that’s my moms :sweat_smile:


That moment when…you can’t sleep or stop coughing so you’re watching a “Christmas” movie about demonic elves :grin:


TMW you can’t understand how people can lie down and get into deep meditation without falling asleep… :thinking: Am I the only weird one around here?