That Moment When 3


Sounds like an experiment gone wrong.


That moment when…you are learning to trust the spirits…


That moment when you get all of your wisdom teeth pulled today.
Ah the discomfort and slit pain.


TMW you’re extremely amused. ms-cMTA9L


Cleanse it and start over, perhaps.


TMW you smile softly and press play:


TMW you remember that home is where the greatest accident risk is. Stay safe,kids.


TMW you are no longer able to conduct dark rituals at home because the Xtian person in the next room doesnt like invisible people sitting on her bed.

Also, TMW you remember you placed an open portal at your old place of employment and you laugh at 0030 hrs.

Also, TMW you have to look for a better ritual space, and remember EA talking aboug 24 hour storage lockers.


I hope they dont mind me painting the Universal Circle.




that moment when you use Damon Brands way of creating servitors and making their home inside your body you actually feel the energy where its home is inside you


Ah… But its fun in the sun.

Lmao. No it really isn’t.


That moment when you hope that if you read 800 more posts that you will be given Regular status. (It would be 24k posts read then which should be enough).


TMW you just sip your tea :tea:


That moment when 24k posts read doesn’t get you regular status.
Lol… I guess i will need to spend more time on here than i have been.



Quantity of posts combined with useful/helpful content.


TMW spies are everywhere and they want to prove if rumors about me is true?! Bahahahaa my windows will remain shut forever if that is so! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


the following post will explain why, a hate meditation would be necessary to have the drive to do so.


TMW you casually banish yourself of humanity,
via seal, made in 2 minutes.

Later, i got brought back by a raw fear.
-i wont go into details. The enemy himself and those manipulated are everywhere.
BUT: Know that banishing yourself of doubt, lethargy and discontent would render some a buddhistic zombie.

Recent days, weeks have been intense, but not intense enough just the same.


The illuminati are out to get you =)


Yup… I attempt to do so.