That Moment When 3


No, the change came directly after.
~Hard to believe its been only “three days”.

To say so much: I now know what flaws are of the enemy,
and not mine.

The enemy killed the passion build up by the anger and disgust,
tried to throw me into a pit, where i wouldnt have the passion to establish something
that isnt for their cause.

The enemy made me confuse my understanding of simple instructions.
The enemy made me question-spam my allies.
The enemy tried its best, but im not alone.
The enemy made me doubt my potency and that of the work.

Once you realize, how frightenly omnipresent the enemy is,
and how it feels to be without their brainfog, only then will you
know, with every fiber of your being, that only brethren are to be trusted.

Not believing into the enemy, is desired by the enemy.
The JCI DO WIELD power.

Death to the JCI.
Death to the RHP
Death to all who use their poisonous powers.
Death to all who preach the corrupted systems.

Death or revelation.
Those are the only options.

You think, that mankind created the gods?
~No surprise, since you use ways of working with “them”.
You use corrupted techniques, rewritten by the enemy,
followers of those ways created eggregores.

That is why the disrespectful “im the operator, highest being in existence” -approach
sort of works, since you DID create or fed those eggregores, so yes,
you are their master.

And even IF you use valid methods, or allmost clean systems like the qliphoth,
you are still a unprotected target, due to your ignorance of the enemies constant
attack on everything about you.


Kinda surprised you aren’t a regular at this point… Though the old black belt story comes to mind for some reason :thinking:


Yeah i know what you mean @Akashiel


tmw you finally get paid a large sum of money and you explode gratitude all over your altar.


TMW nostalgia:


tmw you be x-mas shopping and find a massive plush octopus, so you parade about the store with it on your head. Hail Cthulhu!


That moment when you feel your servitor move around inside of you is this how women feel? LOL



@Huginn :joy:






Im thankful for discipline.

Now feel my power 4AM.



Tmw you see Na’amah.


I will definitely be visiting her realm in my dreams tonight :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


That moment when you are told to work outside in the fucking rain and thunderstorms by your boss even tho that is against company policy :neutral_face:


TMW I had the best fried chicken last night at some little Japanese Ramen restaurant in town.


TMW your brother told you, that he and his classmembers actively wished sickness to a female teacher and that christian sports teacher = both didnt appeared at work.

but its sad that by mentioning this here, i gotta give hime some whispers and signs to bleed on, to protect himself


white sage smells bad


lol :rofl:
~you do know, that sage is also a term used, not just for herbs, but also for saints?

:heart: oh yes, the “saints” smell, they breathe, speak, do and think poison.


if Sage meant holy men, that means she would have had to smell the Preachers Fart.


isnt that a semi-refference to hellsing ultimate -abridged?

Alucard said something like “isnt that the smell of frankenincense and semen?”
…give me minute, i will search for it



TMW I love the smell of sage, rosemary and thyme. :joy: :herb::bouquet::sunflower: