That Moment When 3


I’ll make a toasted Tuna sandwich with sprinkled pepper and a side dish of homemade fries.


Ah darn, now i am hungry.


Omg that sounds so good. I need to perfecr making sandwhiches better than the local Specialties Bakery.


The trick to toasting the bun is to put it on the grill and flip the bread every now and then, if you don’t have a grill they make grill plates for stoves.


Oh reminded me. Making Tuna Melts


Can I get some?


TMW your mom’s strong intuition taps once more on your “satanic activities” and instead of being “scared” you’re actually proud of her that she still holds her skills even though she’s not practicing! :smile: Good job mom, you’re truly my mom! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Tmw you almost strangle someone at work


At least your hands aren’t in perfect neck snapping position at least 10 minutes per client… I have found myself tempted occasionally :rofl:. On a side note, why does my clinic seem to attract middle-aged or older, overly chatty, judgemental Christians.


TMW Azazel gets you a new job, after two weeks of work you thank him and get a call saying their laying you off without reason. Then Azazel laughs and says " You didn’t really think a King would be forced to work in such a place ".

Time to ascend not just in power but employment too.


Homeboy thinks I’m over the situation. I still got the cord that was tossed to me by a girl to strangle him with.

It’s far from over :joy:


The hell kind of girl does that?


What type of work KFC? Was it a customer or employee?


Call Center :joy:




A crazy bitch :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::joy:


TMW you and your coworker are talking about how you both miss some more intense aspects of your old work. During lunch break. In the cafeteria. In detail.
The miracle of bonding over other peoples weak stomachs.


Crazy and Talking too Much (Call Center) isnt a good combo. Maybe you should curse her with Tourettes like off the movie Duece Bigalo


TMW you brew tea and the clock hand of the seconds is always, or almost so, on 12 (I’m appreciative of that, it’s convenient)


TMW your athame feels…empty.
But it hasn’t been drained or used by any one but you and is NOT low on power. Neither have you used it recently
The power of it puts pressure on my ears

What the Hell…