That Moment When 3


Tmw you accidentally recite an incantation in your dreams and it manifests instantly in the waking world.


That moment when you’re feeling unhappy and the location doesn’t matter but I felt Lucifer around me and with me, missed him a bit. I’m practicing a lot and too much stress these days. Feeling blessed yesterday.


His energy is so strong that I get emotional after talking with him :slight_smile:


Hahaha been there! Also looking the sigil you had forgot on your nightstand = insta evocation :joy:



Well, that was annoying…!


TMW I don’t feel like I need forgiveness for defending myself nor my rights as a human etc… just why did I think it was needed isn’t clear now. *Note to Self, never ask forgiveness from a xtian! (they won’t or they will say a reason why they won’t just bcuz you deal with life different from them, they created the demons anyways, so who’s kidding who, it is just a label that stuck) :zipper_mouth_face::pensive::woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging::woman_mage: moving on…


That was a weird moment Indeed! Thankfully I never felt the need for forgiveness from humans that live in a different world than me, they will never truly understand either way. I much rather speak about it to someone from my world :woman_shrugging:


Yah, thanks, that is why I am on this forum, so I can feel normal in a world that is totally backwards from mine. lol


brotherly pat of the shoulder I get you…


:joy: reminds me, I need to change my avatar so ppl know I’m not a guy or whatever. ppffttt haha.


I’m not a guy either! But If I say “Sisterly” sounds lame… “Sister hug” too Wiccan :rofl::joy: So, brotherly pat on shoulder it is :rofl::joy::rofl:


:rofl: oh for the love of pete, who cares! it won’t sound lame to me!! :smile:


Ahahahaha ok then, sisterly pat on shoulder and sister hugs! :joy::rofl:


:hugs: backacha :joy: I understand now, the wiccan thang. :laughing::joy:


Hm. Indeed. I didn’t pay attention earlier. lol.


That moment when…pizza makes good breakfast :yum:


That moment when…you have commenced your annual October horror movie countdown to Halloween :smiling_imp:


Sigils seem all like bullshit until you smell the smell of burning flesh and hair and sulfur coming from the Paper.

From. A. Drawing. On. A. Piece. Of. Paper. People.


TMW you say hi to your crush cause she said " you can talk to me when ever you need a friend, I am always there for you"
And now she saw my message and she ignores me :cry::broken_heart: