That Moment When 3


Take care friend, these moments are difficult.


Tmw you wish you could message people without having to reply or ask something publicly. One of these days…:no_mouth:


Issa BBQ





That moment when you’re in a slight trance shouting out names of demons and you realize the window is open. And the neighbor stopped what they were doing and is looking straight at you.


Keep Going :smiling_imp::metal:
Battle Of Wills occuring here :metal:


That moment when you’ve talked of Protection with Astral Projection here and this night I had that really vivid nightmare and you wake up with a scratch. Strange


TMW you did some serious physical work in your last dream and now your body aches all over.



you wake up from a crazy wild intense vivid action movie dream, fully rejuvenated, happy, radiating with more love and self love :pray:t4::smiley: I felt tired, groggy, brain fog, concentration problems. Turns out I had some nasty attachments to my heart, throat and solar chakras… @anon50363245 took care of it and healed me last night. I feel absolutely fantastic! This will help me tremendously in spiritual advancement!

Tonight i’m gonna do my chakra meditations, i’m fully functioning now with spinning clean chakras :sparkles:

Again, @anon50363245 thank you so much! :star:


Awesome! You’re quite welcome!


TMW when your privacy has been hit by a bus and was put on life support since then.


Hi, I make offering every day…I meditate… Invite and then make offerings.

  1. let this music start
  1. process the stuff below “2”



There is a THIRD “the moment when” thread?
Lady Eva abandoned her iconic avatar?

…Did the old ones already settle in bavary for the holidays or some shit?

P.S.: I will visit a freemason lodge this month, with the intent of learning more about it…



I heard that a fat bunch of new people arrived…uhm…
if you care…for some odd “reason”, you might check out my main thread
“error and randomness” i used to “”“maintain”"" multible ones, but i see no use in that anymore…
so “error and and randomness” is now my main dump for…anything. since my material would be just drowned in any thread that isnt my own… so i had this as a backup for some stuff

uhm… yeah (°_° )…thats my ultra manipulative speach that has convinced you into checking it out… "insert stuttered laughter


no…really :open_mouth:


Tmw it’s SAKE SUNDAY! :sake: filled with attack on titan and random insight on how to poke holes in religious currents of energy :snake: :alien: :dragon: may Vritra be with you.


cthulhu fatagn <3


im in the mood of posting random shit…dont ask why…
~just dont :wink:


Yeah no… It doesn’t work that way. :alien: there reasons why work with this entity can make you go batty but only slightly more so than doing work that focuses on the underworld. Which has to do with the unconscious issues in the mind.


<3 oh thank you, i noticed your issues too