That Moment When 3


Hey everyone, I’ve been away for a couple of days too. I’ve checked my PM and did some workings here, but not much. I miss you all. I’ve been busy with meditation a lot and working in my home (painting). My company will sell us and I have a new job for hire at another company. Really good, job. So I hope that the selling of the company will be a smooth one.


Tmw gotheem :joy:


tmw you see a gif of a constrictor wrapping around a dog while two people try to uncoil it and your buddy says he feels bad for the snake. “He worked hard to get that dog, dogs are hard to catch!”

Me: “Which of us is darkest again? I’m starting to wonder…” lol


That moment when you earn the badge Autobiographer… You hadn’t filled out your profile page in a while :expressionless:


TMW your friend tells, you have an aura in “I don’t give a fuck” color.


TMW you are singing and dancing to cheer up your S.O. and he only mumbles:“That’s it, you’re getting nothing for christmas!” :disappointed_relieved:




I admit I know nothing about said Mysteries, all I have seen is that Hecate is considered to be on a warpath of some sort at the present time… if ppl on Youtube can be believed that is. :thinking::woman_shrugging:


People see wars everywhere, doesn’t surprise me. :roll_eyes: Eleusinian Mysteries was the most sacred and respectful ceremony in ancient Greece and even though it wasn’t in her honour per se, Hecate had a major role in this.
Edit: The ceremonies lasted for 9 days and we are currently in the last 22 hours.




Yes. There were 2 kinds of Eleusinian Mysteries and both were practically initiations for Demeter’s and Persephone’s cult. There were the “small” and the “big” Mysteries.

In the small ones, somewhere between February and March, it was the first initiation of the mystes in which they were taking secrecy oaths and could participate in the big Eleusinian Mysteries at least a year after their first initiation, in which time they were following the tuitions of the Great Mystis.

In the big Eleusinian Mysteries (aka now) the ceremonies lasted 9 days and each day there was a different ceremony (cleansing at the sea, fasting, offerings etc etc)


Okay but the time frame makes no sense to me. How can it be then and now at the same time?? lol

Thanks for explaining though. :confused::joy:


TMW Greek mythology long forgotten, being taught by a xtian doesn’t stick with ya sometimes. :joy: (more like an overview, the other teachers didn’t like that class being taught as I recall ha!)


What do you mean “then and now at the same time”…? The Greater Mysteries started last Friday (local time/date). Which means that today (Oct. 6 2018) is the last day.


why you said now, if it happened way back in ancient days?


Oh sweety… We still have people following the old ways :slight_smile: But even if we didn’t, the correct date for the beginning of the Greater Eleusinian Mysteries was still 9 days ago. :slight_smile:


Okay I’m not up on current holidays or events in the Greek tradition, if that is what you follow, I do not, so I don’t get that I guess. :woman_facepalming::zipper_mouth_face:


Obviously you don’t, since you’re not following the old Gods! :blush: Think about it like this: During the celebrations it was said that the Gods are walking among us. Same as during Samhain, the veil gets thinner and the dead are among the living.

Even if no one anymore celebrated Samhain, the veil would still get thinner and the dead would still walk among the living.
Just because there are no enough practitioners anymore, or it’s not one of the major celebrations as it was in the ancient times, that doesn’t mean that is enough to stop the Gods (or the dead) from walking among us.


And to help you a bit more, the 9 days correspond to the number of days the Goddess Demeter was searching for her daughter Persephone. Which was abducted and led to the underworld. You think Demeter would stop searching for her daughter just because you and I don’t honour her journey? :blush:


That moment when you find the perfect ritual drinking “goblet” which is really a mug… So perfect its incredible. Plus i found a red plate and some sage incense;