That Moment When 3


I have read by any some kind of weird reason “electric showers”. That sounds like a great method of torture. Lol.

Tmw you can’t be arsed to do anything after work. Not even having electric showers xD.


TMW people become gullible idiots and I am not at all surprised.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::grin::laughing::blush:… that is funny though.:joy:


Imagine being strapped into Electrosex toys


Oh yassss.


That moment when you wonder if by saying, Get out there today because its November 6th, will get this reply removed lol.



Uh oh? Well I did my thing today so I’m good with it. :wink:


That’s good.
My first time actually.


On second thought, ask Thor?! He is the God of thunder after all. :zap::zap::cloud_with_lightning:


Nice! Gratz.:congratulations: :joy:


that moment when you realize your reading memes and funny texts when your supposed to be doing something important.


(=_= ’ )


…a shower cabin with automaticly moving dildos…



TMW you became a more appealing symbol for certain characteristics…than quackmire… :thinking:
at least to some


tmw your encrypted usb grimoir collection decides to lock you out and forces you to start from scratch.

Religion is believing in the experiences of others, Spirituality is believing in your own experiences.


Tmw I can’t Trust people and the universe in general seems foreboding and empty of all sanity or reality. :roll_eyes::thinking::confused::angry::cry::sleeping::unamused::elf::fairy::woman_mage::bone:


That moment when you find THE cat on Balg,


take a look at the lyrics :wink:


TMW The Limitless One is just my mind… loves to make stuff up huh, @Drachir?