That Moment When 3


Into what insult is this supposed to evolve?


None, sorry you took it as such. I was quoting something I heard recently, a joke… long story. No insults. Thanks for the song.


TMW I’m out. Peace out. :innocent::v::metal::ok_hand:


TMW I have these interesting random thoughts that for some reason White Cats must run this world.


TMW you have outlined the life you want the demons to help you achieve, and it is decided you are not robust enough for it so your current life gets ramped up 10fold to shaoe you up…

Rough ride but gonna be worth it :smiling_imp:


TMW it’s tough love.


TMW i’ve learned that my daughter can sense entities, and do the mother-daughter talk sooner than i thought


i hope you didnt lied to her for the sake of avoiding her hiding her and your doings from everyone… lying to her for the sake of a “normal life”
it might not be pleasant at all times, but its worth the fuzz


No i didn’t lie to her, I was excited to get to this point, i just didn’t know it was gonna be early. I told her I know who it is and I told her about the entity and why it’s here, that it’s nothing to fear but rather to appreciate. Our lives isn’t “normal”, we openly practice, i don’t want them to be like i was growing up. I grew up being the non-comformist in school and family (catholic school and stuff). and i just had the IDGAF attitude and I tell them always that its okay to be not like everyone else





that moment when taht moment…


That moment when someone asks you who is a good spirit to work with for prosperity.
(I don’t remember all of the specifics of each demon or spirit).
So i simply thought of the goetia demons and asked myself which demom would be good for prosperity. The answer was Bune.

I guess me myself and i are correct :slight_smile:


TMW WTF summoned Mephistopheles and I ask him to enter my daily life to teach this secrete of black magick long lost.

Anyway during this I ask him to help me bring all my desires to fruition and boom. He leaves literally a minute after his dismissal.

My girlfriend walks in showing me a amount of £959 on her account which was one of my goals for my girlfriend to have more financial stability.

Then literally less than a minute that very same minute the money was In her account WTF.


Looks like you made a good friend.

Speaking from previous experience, Mephistopheles is the man.


Hes fuckin Awesome :metal:


DRACHIRS SUPREME advice for the depressed:

If you cant do anything to better your situation:
distract yourself

1 Try get into lucid dreaming, so at least there you will be a living god,
manifesting and doing what you desire.

2 Play games

3 Take drugs

4 literally, fuck yourself

5 Get fucked -if that is a realistic option

6 Let overly dramatic music play, and dance without reason,
scream and shout til you collapse

7 Porn

9 excess in sports

10 extreme exercise

11 martial arts

12 meditate

13 *insert anything else, which has nothing to do with complaining

~ Rants about your inability wont change anything at all,
so do something fun or at least to buisy your thoughts with other matters.

Do something… i dont care what.
Now excuse me, i gotta go and waste my time somewhere else :kissing_heart:


TMW you’ve been surrounded by family all day and can’t do anything fun or magicky. Maybe tonight. :expressionless:


Wow that is so relatable :joy:


Tmw you just love this forum and so many of the people on it that have been nothing but kind, helpful, supportive, informative, inspirational, and overall friendly. If you’re seeing this and suspect yourself, thank you.


Totally I didn’t suspect myself in this rofl :laughing: