That Moment When 3


TMW I say, Good night BalGians! I’m so outta here. :sleeping:



(Gestures around to indicate many eyes watching that go beyond forum members and into the weird world of super psychics). There are those we know, and then those in other hidden circles. Of course I dont have to scan. In my city alone there are those who tell me many things as well as spiritual entities.

Who or what your working with hopefully you can work something out.


mAh dood. I have at least five people who I have made come


I feel hurt :joy::cry::joy:


°~ :roll_eyes:~° think of all the horny people…


Don’t you roll your eyes at me :joy:


You included


i wish there was a beatles parody, singing about horny people :thinking:

ahhh look at all the horny people …


The statistics are not on your favour, better don’t include that info on your CV :joy:


Tmw you just wake up and mourn the amazing sleep you could’ve had if you didn’t have to go to work.


Hell yes for the mood boost


Can deities do something about such frequencies?

Could a entity help your body withstand such influences?


TMW you have a special mascara for times you want to bawl your eyes out but that shit was too expensive so you don’t. Priorities.


it’s not a mass awakening. It wasn’t good at all. I think you all need to ask your patrons what’s going on right now, then post result. I’ll make a thread.


created a thread called “Ask Patrons…” you can use those search words.


TMW you got too many crystal balls…

two here and at least two more comming… oops


oooh that would be a fun challenge to write lyrics to go with your …line? lol

BTW that video the music is beautiful, made me teary even. I’m still here though. :joy: :thumbsup: :unicorn::sun_with_face: :heart:


I highly doubt it… there is much I could say but I’ll just leave it at… thank you. I’ll stay out of mischief as far as that goes, but any else not sure. :roll_eyes::person_in_lotus_position::metal::crossed_fingers::+1::pray:


No idea, doubt it though, better off taking iodine supplements and chlorella and distilled or osmosis water to daily detox all the crud that we are exposed to in this modern world we now live in? I thought electrical towers were bad when I was a kid… it is all much worse now. buy those shields they make for computers etc… but those are expensive. Better off wearing a foil hat or something like that. lol :joy: I know you’re serious but I don’t know beings that can do this.