That Moment When 3


Lol… Better stay away from that demonic shit. Mothers know best especially when they could be a little psychic themselves.


Lol… Never be to far away from the demonic stuff.


Nah, not going to stay away, I like my Demons :black_heart: She has done some minor spells herself in her youth, so she can’t really judge! Plus I’m pretty good in changing subject with her :rofl:


Lol… Keep it up and you will be doing great :ok_hand:


That moment when you hope :pray: that reading 20k posts will get me regular status. Hmm… Probably not.

(Always have to mention my updates in this area :wink:).


I need to keep with the evokation course, so the gods will finally listen to me.
~And to get laid :3

Also once i got my rosemary i will test if im just manipulated into bi sexuality,
since rosemary contains estrogen-blockers.


Morning wood fantasy:

Solstice, the people dance around the fire,
flutes of a kind which resemble in some way te child of a violine and a mans voice,
are being plaid, and drums -oh the drums!

The shaman, your teacher, gave you a little something, to show how much he likes your commitment to the matters of beyond and between. He gives you a ceramic flask, and you throw that disgusting green substance down your throat.

At the fest, your eyes meet that girl that you saw a few times while on hunt or looking for herbs,
one time she was picking berries, and you couldnt help it, but your boner was clearly visible even through the bush you were hiding behind, she noticed it and chuckled.
the details blurr, and what you remember is that she had berry juice on her -and well… that was quite some seductive play. ~You couldnt let her go back all covered in that stuff :smirk:
so you helped her getting it off. It was calm, nothing to be heared other than breathing and licking.

As you were about to push hings further, she stopped you, and pointed at the moon…shit so late already (she meant the festival coming closer)
~as she left, you could have sworn that she moved her hips more than usual,

At the fest, you two got out of the dancing party,
you got to your tent, a little temple filled with fireflies and sweet smoke,

and you celebrated the union, and the whole settlement grinned knowlingly
-she wasnt the quiet type


Tmw you get confirmation that ‘it’s’ working and you jump round your kitchen with a massive grin on your face…“YES!!” #thankyou


One year ago, we still had “the moment when” -the first.
and if you look at the posts, you will see some nice pics i posted :wink:
anyway things have changed quite a bit, not as much as they should have,
but there has been a significant change

Yes, this is halloween, the unholiday,
but better people get enough portals opened, so at one point, there wont be any difference anymore to other days…

Schedule for tonight:


Evokation of YogSothoth as the trinity of triangles
yogsothoth knows the gate, yogsothoth is the gate, yogsothoth is key and guardian of the gate

Ask Sastan for support

Call for Nyarlathotep and invoke that guy
Ask him to do something

Evoke Lilith(or another entity) ~help with getting laid

Evoke Barash-akushu ~apartment

Edit: plus thanking anyone of those folks

Ask YogSothoth to engulf the city, make use of the time of the year and drown us in visions and energy from beyond.
(leave the gate open)

Got to work.


Tmw @Micah is a bitch and hasnt answered your scan of him +.-


wakes up from eternal slumber
thinks: Did someone just call me a bitch?
Looks at @KingOfHearts616
Lmao come again?


I was waiting on a scan you mf :joy:


Been waiting for two days now :joy::expressionless:


Tmw you wonder if attaching a Sitri talisman on my cats collar would be in bad taste :thinking:


Are you trying to get your cat laid? :wink:


I’m afraid it might be too late for him for that :thinking: Mainly I have no idea what to do with the talisman as I myself am currently not looking for “company”. Sitri does have aspect of feline so I thought my cat might like it


Belial amulet I made into a protective witches ladder, the most powerful one I have made yet, and I have plans for Marbas and Bune talismans. Lilith’s I will find a use for eventually. Asmoday, Aim and Sitri I have no idea what to do with yet


I got them for about 10 euro, shipping included


I don’t see why your kitty would mind. They’re usually pretty laid back when it comes to spirits.


Next cat I get I’m naming after a Goetic spirit so I have a good excuse to put a sigil on their collar…


Just make sure you ask the cat first. You don’t want to attach a spirit to the cat and have it freak out.