That Moment When 3


Do you really need them or care? I’d just scare them off and not deal with it and if they brought an exorcist well all the more fun. But if they are necessary meh use Halloween to explain stuff off and then accuse them of having no holiday spirit.


Uh, since they’re my in laws and they gave birth to the apple of my eye I actually have to pay a minimum of respect (even if we are at odds with each other). As long as my S.O. won’t turn his back on them I will meet them with all my fake ass respect I can offer (my fake ass respect game is lit).


Dawww alright. Here’s to hoping your partner tells them to stuff it then and let’s you have your fun horrifying their sensibilities. Good luck.


Tmw you go to do the last 400 mantra for the day but the cat is asleep on the meditation pillow in your circle and you don’t have the heart to move him.


Tmw you find a pic you meant to post a couple of months ago…now presenting my black mirror

…Ignore my kitchen


Tmw you get judged on your not so secret fetish.

Walks into Halloween store number 4:

Me: Do you have a life size Michael Myers?

Clerk: Hmm. I don’t think I’ve seen one but we have the cardboard cutout.

Me: No that won’t work.

Clerk: What are you using it for?

Me: None of your beeswax.

Clerk: (gets it) That’s kinda creepy.

Intrusive little bastard :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl::smiling_imp:


That moment when the person you want to do a lust spell on gives you there business card :smirk:


Tmw you Milly Rock so hard to this shit :joy:


TMW you can feel you’re coming down with something, have a job interview in the morning, really want he job and want to sleep too🤷🏻‍♀️


TMW you had sex in your dreams and it felt so God dam real.


TMW Spiced Doubleshots of Turkish Coffee this morning will heal me




Hahaha :sunglasses: that’s when you know it’s showtime… !


Hahaha…omg sounds like a kick-ass action movie…! Like Duke Nukem meets Arnold Schwarzenegger… (By the way the game character Duke Nukem was inspired by the movie “They Live” - I’m gonna kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of gum…’ etc… I hope you did play that game… :smile:


Lol, maybe we can have 2 different names so we can be 2? :-p like twins haha how about the thanos twins? :-p should be cute in baby version :-p maybe something more benevolent and destructive at the same time though…otherwise we could be misinterpreted… Like ppl might believe we’re on the same team than Ronald Mc.Donald for example :-p


TMW it’s already 4:30am and you could totally sleep for an hour, but you got so addicted doing your meditation and energy work during/near dawn that you don’t want to miss it! :smirk:


That moment when you keep changing your profile picture…

If anyone asks tell them its not meant to be confusing.


TMW my mother sends me this :joy: Not sure what she means by that :rofl:


Lol @Silent
She is totally getting on your case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For quite some time now :joy: She has a very strong intuiton, she was the first who taught me to read the cards to start with, even though she’s not into magic(k) :ok_hand: Several weeks before she told me that I’m doing my juju each night, even though I was making sure she’s asleep and I never make any noise :sweat_smile: