That Moment When 3


I showed him the talisman, he sniffed it first and then put his head in a prime position put it on, then went back to sleep when it was on. Usually he’s more fussy about things like that


That moment when you finally discover what EA koetting was talking about whenever he was mentioning the Theta gamma sync, and then you hear a voice in the back of your head saying that play times over, time to get real.


Happy Samhain kiddies


(=_= ’ ) and you two didnt make out??!
~you should feel ashaaaamed of yourself


…you saw his video on how to “inject life with magic” ?
~it was embarrasing for me back then, to realize that there was no need to focus,
or try to open the third eye or some shit…all thats necessary is to calm yourself,
and melt into whatever your ass is sitting on.


… so this is real?



Did anyone hear of “Ochus Bochus” ?


Tmw you get a fever when you should be finishing house cleaning. Fucking flue shots…


Yep, been sick since my shot 2 weeks ago. Ugh I hate that. :unamused:


TMW you see golden pearls in the water running down the sink’s hole, or wings/blades laterally jolting in the air (some sleep probably required).


This is why flu shots don’t work… They make you sick rather than help you be healthier. And yes i know all about why you are *supposed" to get your flu shots but most people don’t get the flu especially if they have a decent if not really good immune system.

Just saying my point of view so don’t take it to heart :broken_heart:


Tmw you decide to do a staff workout without sight as much as possible. :sweat_smile: here is to knock braining myself too much :rofl:


Well then… That was terrifiying and exhilarating but i think 10 minutes blind with a steel pole whipping around me is my limit. For now… :fire: :alien: :fire: no skull injuries though so that’s a plus :v::skull::ok_hand:


Good job @Dinmiatus.

Lol i am glad your head didn’t crack.


Me too :laughing: although i have a dense as fuck skull :skull: found this out when i clocked myself right in the head with my heavy staff, astop sign pole i found in a ditch and shaved down. So about 6’ 4" of quarter steel inch pipe with full force and only got a nice bump for my trouble but no blood lol

If ya want a funny visual think a mix of shaolin and contact staff tricks complete with a full force spin to the skull. :sweat_smile: was figuring out new movements and went too fast too soon lol


Lol. Well you are doing alright now.

So… All Hail the Mighty Thick Skulled Dinmiatus!


That moment when you wonder if reading 20.5k posts will get you 9 days of total read time :thinking:


because its toxic (-_- ’ )


I’m almost certain to catch one strain or another of the flu due to my work as massage therapist. Better for me to be “sick” for a evening than possibly couple of weeks


im not here to rehash all the information about its toxicity,
in the end: its what they say, and i didnt make the studies,
or looked into the cocktail of odd substances in the shots.

Maybe the conspiracy is the talk about some fake conspiracy.
~personally, idk , what i know is that i didnt took any syringe since… 5/6 years?