That Moment When 3


TMW you stumble across a book shown to you in a dream 3 months ago in a demonic library… holy damn!


That moment when your ex-girlfriend calls you,
to tell you she’s now a mother and moved away from the childs father to be with the grandparents.

(while you already hear her asking in your mind, weather you’re going to baby sit and be around.)^^




Tmw Sex is on your mind :thinking::rofl::volcano::smirk:


So…like every other day, then? :joy:


Lmao yep
Damn right :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
But for some reason it’s more pronounced today


That moment when you get another BALG aneversary badge :sparkling_heart:


TMW you add five more lovely stones to the collection.
Portable size selenite, tigers eyes, howlite and blue calcite. :heart: One tiger has a white quartz stripe.


TMW you’re dreaming going into a magick war and your Teacher squeezes in your left palm 3 small wire balls of steel and you actually physically fill them…? And now you’re wondering if it was really a dream and wtf are you doing in the astral…


That moment when…you call a spirit using a Dukante seal for the first time. :blush:


Any differences you noticed perhaps calling through a Dukante vs Goetia seal? If of course you have called the same spirit before. Asking for personal observations.


I have not called this particular spirit before, and as far as I could find, it only has a Dukante seal.

The seal opened quite differently for me compared to a Goetia seal though. When I summon a spirit from the Goetia, the seal tends to expand and grow, sucking in my vision like a tunnel. The Dukante seal disappeared and then floated above the paper. It also put me into a trance quicker then usual. The speed of it left me lightheaded.


TMW your alarm goes off in the morning and your spirit hand reaches out to hit the snooze but it doesn’t work because it needs a real hand. lol!


True that, it opens differently for me too and faster, where the Goetia seals blink by disappearing and appearing with some visuals often like smoke effects, Dukante seals open with an energetic aura behind them and light visuals.
I haven’t used Dukante as much as Goetia and even though I’m working with Belial through his Dukante sigil, I have evoked him only once before through the Goetia one. So I can’t say for sure if there is a difference in the longterm, even though I do sense him different.


The Dukante seal also felt energetically lighter, whereas Goetia seals tend to feel heavy to me. Maybe that has something to do with the speed at which it opened. The Key of Solomon always seemed to have a ponderous vibe to me.


Yeeeeeeessssss I didn’t want to say it but I’m glad you confirmed!!


Sweet. Verification is always nice.

S. Connolly’s books usually provide both the Dukante and Goetia seals for those spirits that are included in both hierarchies, and I’ve always wondered how they compared. I’ve only worked with Belial through his Goetia seal, never the Dukante, but when I’ve glanced at his Dukante seal, it never felt right to me.


TMW confirmation comes. <3 Hellz yeah.


I see it’s the day of confirmations today in BALG’s TMW :smile:


TMW whatever happens: never leave me alone with plants, under no circumstances!!!


I misread this. I thought you said to never leave you alone with pants :joy: