That Moment When 3


Tmw you’re in bed by ten eating your little ones snacks. My life is wild, WILD. I did update my profile and earned the “autobiographer” badge. *brushoftheshoulders


Hey you,


Hehe…afraid The Bear Jew is gonna get ya? (For those that dont get the joke…watch the movie “Inglorious Bastards.” Excellent movie).


TMW…digging the Techno:


So KFC has a 3-piece cod basket for $7.99, it doesn’t come with a drink.


Everything looks great except that thing on your face…:joy:



Victory is sweet :metal: :metal: :metal:


Just be glad you didn’t see my real face… Horrific :wink: Seriously, you’d go mad with fear. Nergal has nothing on me


TMW tonights dinner: a sizzling rack of beef short ribs and Kimchee.


I sat next to my tattoo artist, talked about my Sigil of Abaddon. He told me in the beginning that he has no time, and he have to travel too so I can get the tattoo only 2 months later . I was so disappointed. After one hour designing, I had enough all of it, and in that same time suddenly I heard Abaddon’s words in my head (from our First conversation):
You must get it in this month.
I turned to the guy, looked in his eyes and said:
Okay, maybe you don’t undrestand me… I don’t need those things all around the Sigil, and I’ll not wait two months. I need the Sigil as soon as possble!
Then he, after some second silence:
Oh, uhm, we can do it next week already, sure!

( He undertaked it outside his working hours. That’s it, we won? )


TMW something makes sense all of a sudden and you feel like the most stupid mofo walking around for not getting it earlier.


TMW Pudding Snacks


Tmw you get your first ritual for hire.

Look out destiny, here i come.


You find a reason to think upon your mental health. I mean… am I the only person who saw two hanging persons at first look on this pic? :thinking: Please, save me with a “No” answer.


Alash tad alash tal al’ashtu :fire::fire::metal:


Says this
“be the change that you want to see
Know your empire is building
A great leader and king will fall many times he will rise stronger and stronger”


If I didn’t know better he’d been a hippie


TMW you find out you’re a psychic vampire and you’re not even that surprised.


TMW you bought champagne instead of tea again…


TMW you waiting your friend ( nearly an hour ) to go shopping, so you start to thinking about you should open an energy drink, but your senses are tell you that you should not, because at the moment when you open it, he will call you immediately. Naturally, you ignored it and opens your drink. Two seconds later … ring-ring

( Every time! )