That Moment When 3


Don’t worry, pants are safe in my presence :smiley:


When you find a book, you were sure you’d lost but it somehow made it’s way back to you.


that moment when you realize that you are getting even more handsome than you are, as the years are passing…


TMW you feel a hand on your butt. And you’re alone in the room. :expressionless:


that moment when you open Lucifers sigil @Micah channeled and you sort of see bright energy come out of it like when people would open magic books in old movies


TMW this is my Favorite post. Belial must be fooling around again!


Lovely book! What is the title? I have a lot of interest in Norse Magick.


That moment when…you are drinking a dark ale called Black Magick :sunglasses:


TMW you hide something important but you hid it too good and forgot where. lol.


A wise coworker once told me,

“You flex those ungodly muscles, goddamit; even if everyone and everything else did all the heavy lifting.”


HA…found it!!!


Looks to be Myrkthursablot.


Tmw Wasteland Weekend looks damn tempting


Tmw your contemplating working with Papa legba then find a brass key with incense laying beside it at a thrift shop.


Hahahaha, me neither :joy:! I can’t even keep a cactus alive!


Lilith smack mine one time I was in the middle of shopping at my local thrift store the lady who was working was in the back the place was completely empty.


TMW You start practicing a brand new meditation to you, but you stressful already, when you see the candle almost got blow out three times.

Oh, please, lemme do this. :x


Tmw a female Black Adept appears in your dream and talks to you about Baneful Magic, heals you, and you wake up totally refreshed 8 minutes before the time your alarm goes off…even tho you forgot to set the alarm



I just told someone the story about how I looked at an orchid and its fucking head fell off at the very moment…