That Moment When 3


Hm. Did you notice the white spots on his shirt, closer to his chest area, looks like 777?


TMW 666 is too mainstream :joy:


TMW you’re quietly chucking that we have a topic called “Australians” - like they’re some kind of weird supernatural being we discuss evoking, from their mythical Land Down Under. :smiling_imp: :australia:




We all know Australia doesn’t exist, and Australians are just a fiction someone made up.


TMW you see enough bullshit already for your actual day within some seconds.

But damn it guys… why?


Lol they tried :joy:


Wait, than what’s a kangaroo?


I dunno mate, I agree it seems impossible, but what about this?

There’s no rational explanation for these things… it chills me to the bone. :no_mouth:


TMW you called upon fro’ghla’tasch and suhn’tal’ock in nature and you make their sigils out of small rocks and while making them

A mosquito comes and you killed and suhn’tal’ock says
“sacrifice it to me” :face_with_monocle:


That moment when you have two back-to-back projections from lucid dreams and it’s getting almost effortless to roll out of your body, but everything is pitch black and you can’t see a damned thing. :expressionless:


make affirmation " Let there be light" or " give me light"


Tried that actually but nothing happened. I’m thinking I just didn’t raise enough energy into my projected double. :thinking:


TMW you dont know what to do, energy work or meditation?


TMW it’s time for a classic freezer


Meditate while you do energy work! :100:


They’re giant dogs. Really BIG bitches.


TMW you wake up after 8 hours of sleep in so much pain and aches and feeling that wanted to vomit and i feel like i didnt sleep all night and wanted to sleep an other 8 hours

after 15 minutes of meditation

I feel fantastic free of pain and i am full of energy now and i will hit the gym now!

Thank you Great Lord Shiva!


False advertisement is the American way.


TMW Belial makes you sick to prove a point. Nice start!