That Moment When 3


Tmw you’re not sure if your new coat makes you look too much like a member of the Gestapo…


It does :smiley:


You are officially doing Baneful Work for Hire
And got your first client :ok_hand::smiling_imp:
Suck it Haters

Rubs hands
Time to get to work


Ah, well. Guess I’ll just learn to goosestep and roll with it


You could switch the leather gloves with a more softer looking material = less gestapo look going on :smiley: I like the coats cut!


Rock the look man
Looks nice :ok_hand:


Thanks guys :slight_smile: Yeah, the gloves really complete the whole " bring out your Jews " vibe
I’m quite tall ( 6’4" ), so I think that goes quite well with the cut


Yeah, it falls really good around the shoulders area, if you would be too short for the coat it would ruffle up in a manner that crosses the thin line between cozy winter coat and an exhibitionists attire for the daily park trip :smiley:
It looks really good, don’t worry


I can almost see that mustache :grinning:
I’m digging the look though


That moment when you wish you would know someone from Washington area… :slight_smile:


Haha that’s news to me, must have missed that when I got dressed this morning :wink:


Where can I get a coat like that?


Got it online, really happy with the quality. I’ll link you to it


Thanks, I need a good leather coat that doesn’t look like I got it at Goodwill (because I got it at Goodwill).


Here’s the main site:
You can also find it on Amazon. I seem to recall there being a slight difference in warranty and price between their site and the Amazon site. Can’t remember what it was exactly though
Here’s the Amazon link:


Found a Freedom-country-Amazon link:

Because the link you sent was for Wannabe-Orwellian-future-land-Amazon.


Haha forgot most people on here are American. Wish it was orwellian, at least those lot were organised and knew what they were doing


I edited my post to suit your feedback.


That moment when you decide fuck it
Let it be a change upon the worlds
Shakes and big cracks may be seen


TMW you have to take care to not take a bite from the latest altar offering :sweat_smile: