That Moment When 3


No prob Mayne :ok_hand:






I naturally become suspicious when I see such question coming from you. What are you up to?? :joy:


Like I’m really gonna tell you :rofl:


Someone has your name in their mouth so much, you simply assume that they are trying to get rid of their gag reflex so they can deep throat you better



TMW I totally lost motivation to work and rather scoop out the forum. Also TMW Samael is threatening to give me a headache if I don’t keep my thoughts straight. :roll_eyes:


TMW you feel bad for neglecting your “studies” (oh, well…) in order to drink yourself silly and your patron is like “Just go out, already!” :smiley:


TMW a lot of things that feel like hints to ‘get a girlfriend’ appear, but at the same time you don’t get the vibe of a synchronicity.

It’s not synchronicity, but it feels like the universe is trying to get me to go that way with it.


This is a bit confusing. Why does this happen? Does wording just hold precedent over intent?


Basically, you gotta specify that you don’t want any property damage or people getting hurt.

The intent of “I want money” is too vague on it’s own, so “I want money without any negative repercussions” is a better intent.


That moment when before you casually mentiom “HEY King Paimon some free food tonight would be great” and the waiter forgets food and says it’s on the house


Tmw you’re sad and you hate the way you were born


Tmw your laser engraver gets here


That’s awesome.


Thanks gonna start selling wooden amulets


Custom order ones, or a list of patterns?




LMK when you do, because I may have some custom orders.


Will do mate I’m still trying to get the settings right