That Moment When 3


Well I’ve given up worrying … i just buy stockier horses… much rather eat nice food… been single 40 years not worrying about keeping a figure now :joy: if i want some cake it’s mine!


That moment when…you do Damon Brand’s angelic Circle of Power while standing in your Universal Circle, and you can actually feel the presence of the archangels for the first time :sunglasses:


He likes beefy men in uniform. Careful, cops are skittish.


I had this happen when I did my first ever invocation of a Demon ritual. But as I don’t know anything about Candle Magick yet I am now researching into that topic.


Tmw you haven’t been on the forum seriously for like a month.


Tmw you peek.


How are you doing with The Now Habit?


That moment when you start to do a ritual and you hear a knock inside the bigger chest where you keep magickal items, and a moment later you hear the metal part of the smaller chest knock too. (I have two chests,a bigger one and smaller one.) :roll_eyes::thinking:


Not as good as I should. I read like three chapters and Haven’t gone back since


TMW … you petition Azazel for monitary relief and the next day you dad leaves an unlit gas oven on full blast & goes to sleep in the next room…

Im home hes still alive and we’re airing the house out…


I hope next time you’ll be more specific :sweat_smile:


Lol. Tmw you haven’t had any luck curing your rampant lust and you are flirting way too much🤣


Have you tried a succubus or magick entities?


Tmw you’re so fucking happy you can go back to work on monday and see my peeps, those that haven’t died in my absence. I’ve spend too much time on here and being useless in general.


Yeah we all thought that… lol just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:

Zero hacks for making Clippy sentient though, brought no pudding, so… :man_shrugging:



Whoah, can’t even. :astonished:

Would say I’ll surpise-text you with it, but life… :thinking:


But it’s true! Hahaha! :yum: Last night I read your conception story, before sleeping. Wasn’t my smartest move. Oh and today I wanted to put some mustard on my cheese sandwhich but nahhhhhh. You ruined mustard for me. :rofl:


But in all seriousness, this place and the knowledge shared and Koetting’s books really helped me get were I am today. Since last year april and now, its a whole different life.


How is everyone doing today? :thinking:


Thank you @Micah for your time and comments in our previous pv messages. :slight_smile: :+1: