That Moment When 3


I’ll think about it.


People on here proudly embrace every “sin” except gluttony, for example members are all about sexing it up together in any combination imaginable, because the media says that’s cool, same with curses and love spells, but who on here proudly and openly defies food rules and eats all the cake, a load of bacon, then demands a quart of ice cream to wash it down?

Who evokes a Snorlax to merge with it?

It’s very interesting that vanity works to enforce unquestioning obedience to The Norm, where all other methods fail.

Feeders and feederism haven’t yet had any presence on these forums, it’s the one forbidden sexuality. :thinking:

Y’all aren’t sinning really, just posing to look cool. Bust out the competitive eating competitions, evoking spirits like Jupiter for fat-expansion and Lucifuge Rofocale for excessive size, and let’s really break the rules. :smiling_imp:


Would do, but Sloth has taken over me and won’t be able to work out that booty after the challenge :smiley:


Tmw you make a pact and your life turns into the Twilight Zone. I had LDS missionaires on my doorstep today. I’m not in the US. That religion is not known here. They were Americans and they were hotttttttt. My my my… do they do that on purpose? They were doing community work, helping people with jobs around the house. I recently moved so it was perfect. As I turned around I’m sure they saw my ink. They helped in the garden for 2 hours and I made dinner as a thank you and they ate my food. :blush: Never once tried to convert me. We talked about anything but that. They were suprised I knew they were mormons. I only did know because I listen to a podcast about cults and recently they did a Warren Jeffs episode. My daughter gave them an apple as a dessert, which made me laugh. I have a silly sense of humor. My life just keeps on getting weirder. Did I mention they were hot? They’re coming back next week, maybe I can convert them.:blush:


I highly doubt that




Well played :rofl::ok_hand:


As someone who has been much larger, it’s not that I see it as taboo. More that it literally felt like my body was a prison and I never want to go back to that. I was miserable with no energy and was basically eating myself to death. If however you really WANT to be obese, I’m all for it. Your life is yours, live it the way you want to live it.

I think it’s frowned upon because it’s usually self destructive, miserable, depressed, permanent victims who tend to represent the entire population. Where are those who made the choice to be obese and are truly happy? They are a small and mostly silent minority. Lilith and Belial have actually been making many of these points to me and lead me to this video.


Congrats to you both!


That moment when…you just have to face palm.



Hah, so am I :grinning:


When I moved to the US, a long time ago, those eating contests made me throw up. Now depending on the food, bring on the gluttony :joy:


Mormon missionaries are to keep a strict exercise routine. I kept in touch with the Mormon Missionaries through Facebook (even though they’re technically not allowed to use the internet). And after their mission, it was ab city on their Facebook.


He look like he touches little boys for a living :expressionless:


He doesn’t, he’s a chill guy and he’s married now.


Everyone say hello to your PTSD if that guy looks like a slightly less creepier version of your otherwise very creepy ex boyfriend :neutral_face:


Not sure if its allowed to place names and pics from other people’s fb here, if some very religious people see that they might think we’re targeting him… So I’ll flag for Lady_Eva to check it out.


I flagged it too :joy:


Hahaha big minds! :joy::joy:


TMW its the season you can’t decide if you’re feeling hot or cold…