That Moment When 3


That moment when you realise demon is actually a really good fortune teller… I initially assumed he was just a fun little gimmick


Tmw things are moving in accordance with your Will :love_you_gesture::ok_hand:


TMW we get an upgrade, go to any of your PMs and once you scroll below message 1, you’ll see the avatars of all taking part in the top banner/logo thingy. :smiley:


You like to have fiery flames up your puddy-tat butthole? :thinking:

Welp, won’t be eating any ginger or chili recipes when I pop round yours for dinner. :smiley:


Actually I got it from somewhere else, but I have a Cat for each Month.


Not into Figging =)


Tmw the website upgrades and the auto correct bar no longer displays when I type. Is there a way to switch back to the old interface or are we stuck with the new one ?


Tmw you still use the ‘I AM grounding’ ritual daily @Lady_Eva recovered from the old site if i’m right. It’s quite good to get the proper grounding and do energy work.


Ew, that’s not good, which bar?


Well one thing I like about the upgrade is I can see what I type on my cellphone when holding it Landscape style. Before that it hid it unless I held it in Portrait.


An idea @Biffa_Bacon is send a screenshot via phone or computer. It helps a lot in fixing software issues. Because they see in which form the problem exist.


Here’s a couple of screen shots:

Usually I have a bar of suggested words when typing, but it seems to have vanished since the update…


Right, please PM me the make/model phone and OS and I’ll see what I can find out. :+1:


That moment when your energy-sensitive girlfriend hears a voice in her sleep telling her “It is done” at the same time as you conclude a ritual a couple miles away. :metal::fire:


You approach a chick, saying,
Wassup girl? Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plaegius the Wise?


And before you mfs respond, it was Strong enough to get Anakin on the Dark Side so it should be strong enough to get her on the Dark Side…of my dick


Dang it I wanted to make a joke :rofl:


TMW you picked up a coin from the table to put it into your wallet only to find ANOTHER coin a few seconds later at the same spot and now you want a money spawner really really bad


So apparently I won’t let myself have a psychotic break because I have control issues. TMW


It’s something! thumbs up