That Moment When 3


You should taste what happens if I enchant them hahahaha… :rofl:


Wat, that’s my daily life! Welcome to my world?


I agree. She’s obviously “jealous” of my Onion Sandwhich.


Totally jealous.


Lol. Great sandwhich. Its actually one ofnthe more popular foody joints in a city full of foodie restaurants. Small shack, and a line that piles up way out the door. Theres another I had the other day; a Scallop version.


I have a subway… oh and a McDonalds… that is about it in this town beyond a couple of bars and a local diner that is too pricey for me at the moment.


Was it you that said you lived in Oregon? Yeah that place has almost nothing. Thats why I moved out.
Time for Upgrades.


For sure. Working on getting the money to get out of here and maybe mopping up a few delays. Oregon looks nice from the outside but once you are in here it is bloody hell.


Moving to Portland? Its alittle better there, not to my standards tho. Its the only real city in Oregon.


Fuck no. I am done with this place. Soon as I can afford to travel and take care of other matters I will likely be moving to California and moving in with my boyfriend unless some deals come through then I would expect possibly Boston even for the both of us but those deals still seem a few years off from completion.


I hear Cali isnt the best choice for the job market. Dont know much about Boston.


Bigger area and more jobs than what I will be finding by staying here plus finally ending the long distance aspect of the relationship to be finally face to face is well worth it.

Finally getting out of here will also free up so much of my time that is getting wasted by ‘family’ I will have more than enough time on my hands to really work something good out possibly even just art on commission since I will have the time to get my skills up there. Don’t really have as much luxury here to do so. Really particular situation you know but manageable with enough time and effort to turn things my way.

If we make it to Boston jobs won’t be an issue. Guaranteed work as it were just long time in coming. Big changes for me seem to be slow cookers.


TMW shits about to go down :smiling_imp:

Help deciphering

TMW bane is on my fingertips. snarls


TMW I found a cat that fits Scorpio astrology:




TMW I run across a Prepper type in public trying to sell me on an Apocolyptic Scenario, but I really know its someones magick in effect so just simply cancel it out. Im not interested in that garbage.


TMW I’m ecstatic during my last Dark Moon Ritual to Lilith and she gave me my own sigil…and then realize again I can’t draw for shit.


Just finished the 72 songs of solomon. That was probably one of the most intense things I have ever done.


That moment when a Spirit saves your ass before you did something stupid and their name just pops into your head like yea that was me worship me lol