That Moment When 3


TMW you speak with a succubus through the Ouija and you start to get horny but trying to be respectful and hide it.


Wouldn’t it be more polite NOT to hide it in case of a succubus? :thinking: Professional pride and all…


Calebcity has a video called “what did you do to my drink” and every time I watch it I think about you doing baneful magick. Shit you not. I feel it’s a perfect representation.


Tmw people start accidentally putting money magic in the love and relationships section




You just gave me a whole list of ideas :smiling_imp::joy:


Tmw your spirit child pops up at 1 A.M. and tells you he’s being bullied on the astral


You gonna give someone hot chocolate with water now? :joy: I dunno if you’ve seen the video. But I imagine your evil laugh to sound just like his.


It does LMAO


Tell him to eat his bullies.


He’s 4, dear :joy:
He can’t eat them yet :joy::joy::joy:


Pffffsshhhh pussy! I know HUMAN 4 year olds that could do worse


Well I’ll tell him to devour his bullies AND the human 4 yr olds :joy::joy::joy:


Apparently, around that age I was beating up kids twice my size, because I had a terrible anger problem. It’s one of the few times that my mom ever hit me throughout my life (she only gave me a spanking). Because it was such a rare occurrence, it was a really effective method. I didn’t get into any more scraps after that, but it took me a long time before I was finally able to control my anger problem.


Dont you touch my 4 year olds :confounded::heart:


I was an asshole as a kid I liked control but I used to get beat up at recess by a kid named pie :sweat: I have NO idea WHAT he had against me. HE WAS A JERK. Frickin Agustus Gloop lookin ass.


LMAO really
He was named pie?


YES! That bitch was named PIE!!! I didnt even know Who the hell he was the first time he came at me though. I was like tf??? But he was so much bigger than me he tied me to the tether ball thingy and literally beat me up. Later someone told me his name. I hated him SO much. And then he moved. Thank goodness.


beats drums


Nah if I ever catch em in the streets I’m gonna sock em in the stomach and then buy him coffee figure out what hes so angry about :joy: