That Moment When 3


You are SO finding your grooove with this, it makes my heart sing! :heart_eyes_cat:


Tmw you think “oh yeah”…


So I was in class right? And my first pair of wireless headphones were dying so I was gonna plug in the second pair, since we are allowed to do that.

I was listening to my Norse tribal music. But I am very tired. I kept coming in and out of waking states while I couldn’t tell if it was me or not, something was saying “you’re gonna regret that”.

So I put my head down and the music plays out loud for a brief moment on full blast, scaring me into waking up and now I definitely can’t sleep…

The gods said “fuck you vulture, wake up and get the damn diploma” lol


TMW you’ve done something horrible :pensive::weary:


You alright?


Have to be really


Alright… well I’m good at healing flesh if that is needed and maybe certain kinds of existential crisis.


Try this, IMO it’s not a coincidence this got posted by @cyberseeker :


Shake it off, black Magician. We’ve all done some foul shit. Revel in it. Move on :ok_hand:


I need to learn to heal flesh. I my self i am in constant pain. Inflation and injuries from the gym.


I have done some healing on my self during meditation.
Like I would imagine my self being by a river then I would step in it to my knees and the water is cold and clean and I would visualize the water flow through my legs and it would wash dirt away from my legs
I would visualize how’s the water flow with dirt from my legs and I start feeling tingle in my flesh legs and i would take away some of the pain.
But I am weak now…


Not this type of thing brother.


Looking into Qi Gong and TCM is a good place to start especially in regards to the energy body and its meridians as physical damage is often mirrored energetically so fixing the energy matrix of the flesh causes it to heal a lot faster.
Working with the elements is good too. Water can ease pain and swelling as well as cleanse of toxins and infections. Fire is good for accelerating healing of flesh wounds but increases bleeding and pain if not balanced out so best to do once you get the bleeding to stop and the wound sealed to speed recovery. Earth is quite good for digestive issues and Air is good for cleansing especially when used with fire and water to handle breathing issues. The largest part is mostly a good grasp of your vital energy and perception of how the energy body should be when in perfect condition so you can apply will and intent with that energy to guide it back into proper shape.

Wrote that myself and the techniques are derived from basic meditations and exercises that can be found through many sources and a modification on Robert Bruce’s energy cleansing techniques with elemental magick and eastern treatments involving elemental and colored energy. It can be used for disease or to treat injuries.


Thank you! I will save this and look back on it once I am starting my healing magick studies.


TWM you really wana get a cat


To bane, or not to bane, that is the question. :thinking:


There is no question…it’s always to bane :smirk:


Not when you still have some use for them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tmw you are really fucking obsessed with Baneful Magic


Ye, lately me too :joy: