That Moment When 3


Hot chocolate with water :joy:


Yes! :joy::joy:


They are much more useful if he dominates them and makes them serve him while thinking it was their idea. Why destroy your enemies when you don’t need to and can make them work for you.


In the spirit when you devour your enemies you basically take all their energy for your own. It’s my method of getting rid of unwanted guests. I eat them :drooling_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just wait until they eat you. Mutual love.


Awwww so sweet :relieved: itd be nice to feel like something’s not one sided.


Sexual imagery, sexual game. Visualize all those guests as Piranha Sperm eating your ego so you may be reborn through a new self as they let you eat them so they can eat from the inside out.


This made my insides curl :joy:


TMW some people are thinking they could “trade” you something in return if you let them have their way.
That’s not how this works.



Dual-core 1 is my favorite schedule. I adapted to an Uberman like schedule a few years ago. Was like a cheat code for school


Yes, that’s what it feels like, and all the “ew I need 8 hours uninterrupted a night” just do not get it! :laughing:

I don’t do it all the time but the idea of “it’s bedtime” at the same time every night for the rest of my life, and the night just lost it feels like being in a cage… I was eulogising the glorious jewelled night on here years ago and life changes since just make it even more convenient to be flexible. :smiley:

Besides, it’s probably unnatural af to be unconscious for 8 solid hours, there’s some evidence people in the past had sacred nighttime hours, the original “me time” in their difficult lives; Things our society has lost or forgotten: could true magick be one?


As an adult, I confronted every last bully from school…straight up hunted them down. All but one apologized. She ended up having a deadly car accident sometime shortly thereafter.


TMW once again you try going through the Goetics in order; and while looking at each sigil and (somewhat) vibrating their names, you “feel” especially Amon and Paimon.


Yesterday you vibrated the ISA Rune twice, and today it’s snowing…in Texas…:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Is that why it got so cold here in AZ??


Damn right
ISA bitch :smirk::joy::joy::joy::joy::love_you_gesture:


Dammit i had near tropical weather. The fuck micah? Lol


The moon tonight… So magical will have an interesting experience lucifer, azazel amaymon ant’harratu xaryasha and paltator,
The energies are make me feel that I am being spinned


Hahaha! Welcome to my week. Right now it’s -26°C (-14.8°F) but -31°C (-23.8°F) with the wind chill.

And this isn’t even the worst of the week.