That Moment When 3


So you can be haunted and groovy at the same time


No. No. Nope. No. Fuck off. No. Noperrooni. No.


I’m sorry man :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Soon you’ll need wards against that shit.


I KNEW I wasnt a weirdo!!! :smile:


Spirits LOVE Breasts. I have a friend into horses and one of the thing is that during carriage rides the one thing the Horse would love to do is nuzzle the pretty ladies breasts and lay its head into it.


Lol I literally typed “I cant help myself. They WANTED ME TO!” but I backspaced it :joy:


Tmw you dont want to make a whole thread but want to discuss.
THAT being said… anyone work with Heimdall?! His energy makes me feel like I drank a CBD infused cup of tea. Very soothing.


That moment when you are seriously considering astrally stabbing a spirit who thinks it’s funny to refuse to stop touching you…








I did that once, astral stabbing, to Amaymon of all spirits, because he was fucking with my, at the time, girlfriend and she didn’t want him bothering her. He tried to fuck with me in retaliation, but I just started stabbing some more… I did it with what can only be described as a blade of holy fire. He didn’t fuck with me or or her any more after that.


That moment when you spot the winner of this week’s “Only On BALG Forum” award! :rofl:


If you are a warrior in anyway shape or form than Heimdall is in the background waiting :ok_hand:
Work with him


lololololol classic
That holy fire
Works every time :joy:


I’m not saying he took it like a bitch, but he didn’t even try to defend himself against it, or if he did try I hit him too hard and fast for him to mount a proper defense against it. I don’t doubt that if he got serious, it would have ended differently, but I also think he may be a bit of a masochist.


Ooh shots fired
Amaymon sharpens sword


Asenath Mason is a fine piece of Adept, English, Draconian, mmm mm fuck, nevermind :joy::joy::joy:


TMW my cousin asked if I want to check out Kazaar or Dharkan and I stare at her confused because I think she’s talking about some Entities but she’s not into the Occult, only to find out she’s talking about coffee…