That Moment When 3


Mine used to be a square tablecloth…It was on sale and there were no round ones to be found. I actually have a sewing machine but I never figured out how to use it. I sew pretty fast by hand anyway if I need to


That moment when someone sends you a video link and the video is “Mr Hands.”

I was just going to heat up some nice creamy winter vegetable soup, I think I may delay eating now for… a while. :face_vomiting:




In hindsight, googling this to see what it is, was in fact not the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s lunchtime here as well


If that makes you feel better, he will never eat again :joy:




A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty Hi - yo , Silver , away!



Tmw your grandma is dead.
It’s done
8:20 A.M.


TMW you just jump into a clothing store to fetch some stuff but a lady is mistaking you for a shop assistant and you’re ending up “selling” her a whole outfit.


TMW a human makes you step one step further away from humanity than ever. heart hardens


Kill them. Do it.


haha. He doesn’t rate more energy than a few hours of me being irritated AF. Prolly not even that. Nothing a block button won’t cure.


That moment when you chant a demon’s enn in a lucid dream and feel the entire area around you shaking violently in response, but don’t see him appear anywhere. Eventually you move on to the usual oneironautical pastimes of flying and kinky sex, only to notice just as you’re “finishing” with the latter that said demon was there watching the whole time to his great amusement. :anguished::rofl:


Tmw you finish charging your universal circle (crappy diy edition) with blood. Now I just need to (gently) paint over the symbols with blood ink.


Not as fun but yea. True.
rests chin on fist


Tmw it’s storytime again
Set: Origins
Contacts Quinton Tarantino for production :joy:


TMW the dreams won’t leave you alone :angry:


Just done pretty awesome expirience


That moment when…you have a beer in your hand :beer:


TMW you do this powerful spiritual bath and you debate if you should put blood in the water.

After I consecrated, charged and activated the bath, I stood on something and blood began gushing lots of blood out of my foot.

Put my foot in the bath, blood perfectly swirls around the gems like a bloody serpent damn.