That Moment When 3


Tmw you decide that while limbering up to half lotus again is something you should do, a chair is better for ritual use for now. While I CAN get into a trance state sitting cross legged, pain in my knees certainly does not make it any easier…Plus I get to make a cool pseudo throne this way


TMW you do half lotus in your desk chair to see if you ARE still flexible. lolz. Yeah…I am, but it pulls at the hip more than the knee. Screw dat mess. puts legs down


That moment when…you can’t even dream of getting into half lotus 'cause it makes things go pop that shouldn’t go pop.


How about full lotus :joy:


Last time I could do that particular method of self torture was when I was 13…


TMW only one half of your body is flexible enough to do this


Downward facing dog with ninja turtle spiral into salutation to the sun


TMW, after a particularly bad work argument, you make holy water to cleanse out your team room (everyone else was at lunch) and while you are sprinkling water and exorcising you notice your Iraqi friend pop his head in the room.

And all you can think to say is, “Fuck the jinn, am I right?”


I haven’t done yoga in a long time but I still have it…it being “somewhat” flexibility. haha.


Aye, yup, joined about a two weeks ago, seems chill


Hold that position for a bit
Will arrive in a few :ok_hand::rofl:


Seems very white lighty too :joy:


Haha ya lol, thats why Im not that active on it, not my style you know?


Oh you! :joy: :heart:


Someone asking you when will azazel fully materialize and he brings up e.a poltergeist video


TMW self righteous Xtians are getting on my last damn nerve.


Tmw check your circle and find out no paint leaked through…So you tempt fate and draw this on the other side

Though I should probably redo it with actual paint :sweat_smile:


You could always embroider it for long lasting beauty?


That sounds like a lot of work…and I would have to choose which circle to keep. The paints lasted well enough on the other side, only problem being washing.


I may find myself ambitious enough to hand embroider a circle this year. It would be easier if I had a sewing machine so I could stitch the hem though. Maybe a round tablecloth for a base would work.