That Moment When 3


LMAO - I can totally just imagine him standing there smirking, eye brow slightly raised, arms folded :laughing:


Depending on the demon the expression could be something else. :smirk:


You good?


TMW the meme thread is dying.


i am now writing a ritual channeling it and azazel jumps and says “this rite is priceless” :joy::joy::joy:
i am now crying


When a spirit mentions the great flood, and you think they are referencing biblical history and the nephilim. Later that night your washer drainage pipe backs up and floods your living room. All I heard upon discovery of this was “I told you so…”


Tmw the Chakra Pendant you have lost, thrown away, and got take from you so many times comes back to you yet again…even though it hasn’t really did shit for you

Time to cleanse it and consecrate it yet again :expressionless:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I have that with birthdays. ‘Everybody shut up now’ :wink:


Sounds good!


Know the drill they only get stronger


TMW a god tells you his very nefarious long term plan to punish a person. #damn #savage #ok


Just wanted to share. Passion of the Christ. I love the last part of our Dutch rapper #Brainpower:


He does this at a discussion table :wink: on tv:


Tmw you learn first hand that 1 entites not bound to linear time have an abundance of patience, and if they decide to make of point of their presence on the physical plane that have their own ways of doing it :joy:

Was getting ready to look up in on a spirit when i got a short visit 4 i have worked for in the past. Immediately after all 4 of their names showed up on the search page when i went was looking up info even though there was no clear for them to show up on the search :rofl:


:joy: :grin:


That moment when someone tries to scam you out of $1400 but doesn’t know you work with one of the most forcible attorneys in the state. Sleep tight benighted one :black_heart:


When the player gets played :joy::metal:


TMW my eye spies a spy.


Tmw it feels like a giant snake is slithering through your whole body trying to get out
What the fuck is this shit :thinking:


After listening to an extensive collection of bullshit:
“ Can you please send your proposal to my attorney digitally and cc me please?”

Ignoramous notices we have the same email domain and everything got settled quickly :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy: