That Moment When 3


Very true. But then again, neither are fools. The difference between modesty and humbleness is just self-assured confidence. Never underestimate the value of being able to surprise your target. Speaking of which… I’ve got some vampiric work to do :slight_smile:


TMW you are in a huge rage mode today but that rage also feeds very creative solutions shrugs


That moment when some people just don’t fucking learn from their mistakes.




Ladies and gentlemen, what happens when you try to trick the trickster?

Addendum: did not mean to reply to you @Nemesis


But it is somehow relevant all the same HAhahahahahahahahahaaaaa!


Is it now?


Oh very relevant. I am a bit of a trickster myself and delight in my experiments and games.


That moment when…you have pork chops and eggs for breakfast :yum:


Tmw you had a cup of matcha tea for breakfast and a small bowl of oatmeal for lunch… maybe I’ll have some chicken and rice for dinner…though its pretty late for dinner :thinking:


And you’re not sharing? :slight_smile:



Apply that to this year


I don’t share food…well, except with @arianna 'cause if I didn’t, she would just steal it from me anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Been reading my teenage grimoire again. There’s some good stuff there that I’ve semi forgot but…why the hell was everything written with so much melodrama :sweat_smile: Also teenage me had really bad drawing skill and even worse handwriting. Not that either one is great now…


Tmw you ask the teacher if you can use the energy when trying to go to the restroom


TMW you think @DarkestKnight goes and hunts down all the new member threads that don’t get posted on the introduction thread.


Common knowledge by now :rofl:


Sssssshhhhh… I gotsa catch 'em off guard before they get settled.