That Moment When 3


Email it


Ok. :blush:


I will message you mine.


TMW I open one of my old grimoires and find a recipe for japanese chicken curry made from scratch :roll_eyes:


Witchcraft of the highest sort…


I had a schematics for making a magic based lightsaber next to a cookie recipe and a recipe for blackpowder in my 3rd grimoire…I was somewhat random in my teens :sweat_smile: I think only the cookie recipe made it into current use


It’s the knowledge we’ll leave to our children one day.
“Here is a powerful spell to destroy the world… And here is a butter cookies with chocolate chips recipe”


The problem is when they get mixed up and destroy the world while trying to make cookies.


That Moment When Fleetwood Mac has been stuck in your head on repeat since the moment you woke up this morning but you’re alright with that.


TMW you decide to quit smoking … Fuck it


Careful not to burn your dick :blush::joy::joy:


What the F did I just read?


He said quit smoking…fuck it. I was saying don’t burn his dick when he fucks it


But wouldn’t the condom protect him?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Um…WHO was said god, and HOW did you evoke him (wrongly)??? We need to know these things, C.Kendall! lol


Why are you assuming he practices safe sex :joy::joy: he’s fucking a burning cig​:joy::joy:


TMW you watch Lucifer on Netflix and it’s actually pretty good script writing.


TMW you fart in front of your boyfriend… :flushed::flushed: Oh gods, save me. How does one even come back from this, lmfao!?


Say you were half asleep or sick :stuck_out_tongue:


Blatantly blame it on him.