That Moment When 3




That Moment When the cat drags in a puppy


I had too much caffeine and am forum stalking. 🤷


That’s ok. I’m about to do that same before a heavy divining session.


What tools are you using?


Cards. Maybe a black mirror or water bowl If I’m feeling it. I’m primarily a cartomancer in that area. But I can still do a lot more than cartomancy.

I should drop the label.


Tried flour?





Ive found that pouring some into a bowl of water, then pouring the water out and looking at the shapes of the flour that remains in the bowl, is effective.

Doing it that way is similar to tea reading I suppose.




That moment when you discover the way to calm down any pissed off Goddess is to send her a fox…and have it go floof at her.


The best way to calm down a pissed off goddess is to have “her own” man calm her down and not just any dude can do it. It has to be her counterpart.


Power of the nose boop strikes again! :fox_face:


That moment your apparently a monster…for showing your cousin’s kids a couple of episodes of “the animals of farthing wood”


Had to search it up only to find a video showing all the deaths


That moment when… you are awake but not ready to do the stuff :tired_face:


mondays amirite?


You can say that again.


That moment when you need an opinion on a rap song you are writing. Anyone?