That Moment When 3


E.M.B.W.T.F is that?


SpongeBob you idiot :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m sorry could your repeat that? It thought I heard


And yes it is the DNA thing :smiling_imp:


Is that Britain’s version of it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I’m from America homie
The Most Supereme Country
#1 World Superpower
Dominating the World since…


Fuck it we’ve just been Dominating the world :joy:

  1. I am American as you can tell by looking at my profile.
  2. Everyone agrees


Except non U.S eans


That moment when you touch a vending machine and tell it to give you doubles of your order and it freaks out for a second not knowing whether to do it or not


Have you tried triples?


I will after I perfect doubles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The moment when someone’s attempt at being epic just ends in an epic fail. People really do amuse me sometimes.


Also that moment when King Paimon is making me increasingly liked at work and my boss wrote a letter to corporate about me (so I’m told by another co-worker) like a long one saying how good I am and that there is a surprise she couldn’t tell me about coming up :thinking:

Anyways all hail the King


I am that person a lot. My spaztastic aura sets off waves of laughter everywhere :rofl:


That Moment When his kisses make my Ajna tingle :laughing:


TMW a demon you summoned says

“Don’t ever summon me in this manner again”.

Like damn bro, I’ll change my cologne shall I :joy:.


@Nemesis do you know who you remind me of sometimes? Either Perfect Cell or Merged Zamasu from dragon ball.

Specifically Team 4 Star’s take on Cell.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA! It has been ages since I watched that. Personally I think I am a bit like Tzeentch sometimes in my more crazy moods.


That is fun. So long as you aren’t faceplanting into a wall or anything painful but even that is probably funny in retrospect. :joy:


Gotta laugh at yourself man :joy:


Tmw @JezebelleMoon is creepin my old posts and likin them :joy: