That Moment When 3


If youre going to spout magic language at ME, i suggest you add a translation so i dont consider it work against me.


Don’t mind him @Kulina8 .


@Lady_Eva what does what he wrote at the bottom mean, if you know?


The Cabal, some of their stuff I guess, I don’t know the details.


Google was no help in translating it but @Kulina8 kinda makes a point about the potential for it to be a harmful incantation.

Can the post be removed?


Schade, @Drachir
Ich hab mich schon gefragt, wo du dich rumtreibst, aber jetzt weiß ich es :smiley:
Alles gute dir!


Done, I think it means “Will the real edgelords please stand up?” in like Hungarian or something, but it was serving no purpose in the thread. :man_shrugging:


TMW each and everyone tends to get a little cray cray these days. WTF is going on, lately?


Sounds about right.


Is there a second puberty? Cuz that might explain it.


I would be really glad if this would be the answer :sweat_smile:


I think a lot of us here have dipped our toes in some strange waters and come out the stronger for it, I honestly think if Drachir is getting a real boost from that stuff, that’s good, but he can’t come on here and abuse people, period, and that’s regardless of affiliations or whatever.


Uranus is in retrograde.


post removed by author


TMW youre into a good, nerdy shark novel.


That moment when your evocation sends the neighbors scrambling like panicked rats as their trashy setup is literally ripped apart around them.


Dude, the people in my house act weird whenever I do the LBRP. Some even to the point of unconsciously interrupting me. For instance, someone waking out of their nap to come check and see what I’m doing, right before I evoke the archangels and close out the banishing.


I hear you in this case a massive windstorm decided to focus itself enough to rip apart my crackhead neighbors yard full of trash and fling everything at them while unleashing demonic screams through the wind.
Normally though I get interrupted to even eat a bowl of ice cream. Soon as I sit down and about to take a bit get a call that someone needs something. Never mind when I want to do something more serious.


Is it he dna thing kicking in?


Tmw you reminisce About eating her out and it reminds you of this :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: