That Moment When 3


That Moment When you made black eyed peas, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and lemon bars and are waiting for the 5 pounds of meatloaf to get done cooking.

I’m fucking sweating yall.


Nicely played.


That sounds absolutely delicious :yum:


Oh you KNOW it :wink:




I think someone’s after my supper…back off :crossed_swords:


A good cook is a good cook :man_shrugging:



Someone’s not invited to Sunday supper.


What about Sunday dessert?


Hope you like white chocolate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ll bring the strawberries and Mogen David


Sounds like a plan :laughing:


Tmw you call a business and have some work done, then at the end of the call the representative tells you:

It’s not a problem sir. Whatever you want we will make sure you have and we will not deny your request.

Startled pause like I heard something from a Sci Fi movie

Hangs up
Cackles like a MF


That moment when you feel a spirit come over you during dinner and are suddenly feeling drunk, heavy, cuddly and have to stop yourself from trying to snuggle into the person sitting next to you. I’m not at all snuggly by nature…now to figure out who visited.


That moment when you “ see” someone’s death for the third time and keep it to yourself because they don’t believe you know


TMW you need a break from everything.


Safe travels.


Dude…seriously…take several seats and dont presume to know what I do or dont need!


If i share on a forum, on a TMW thread, thats my fucking prerogative and business!


I put a block on Drachir’s account, he has my e-mail if he urgently needs access but this is silly.