That Moment When 3


TMW it’s now an official Daddy Dom job to help babygirl decide which scepter she’s gonna use in her ritual. :sparkling_heart::kiss:

Thanks @DarkestKnight :purple_heart:


That’s pretty cool. I’ve never worked with that spirit. But from what I’ve read of him he sounds pleasant.


My heart was messed with to unclog it a bit from what I understand.

Repressed negative emotions aren’t good for your chackras man.

Much improvement since then.


Tmw you make your own versions of the lbrp, middle pillar and kabbalistic cross with the help of the 4 gatekeepers, primal trident and Fenris. That was exhausting


That moment when you flirt with a friends lesbian aunt until you realize she’s flirting back & you go all shy


That moment when your AO Spare-style sigil manifests results within less than 24 hours. I’ve tended to stay away from the “wank 'n forget” method on the assumption that something so easy couldn’t be very powerful, but color me impressed.


Sounds awesome.


I get to test it tonight so here’s hoping sis


Here’s hoping.

Best of luck brother.


Tmw these apparitions are getting ridiculous.
To the scanning thread it is.


I hope you are ok


Aw thank you hon :blush: I’m okay just got startled earlier.


Rebirth, transformation, shift in consciousness and more as well.


You attract flys with honey.


Hail Satan, Set, and Hades!!! :volcano::volcano::volcano:
The Insanity I experienced was worth the results that are coming


TMW you didn’t believe 2 years ago you would set a pact with Lucifer on 3 AM in the morning 5 January 2019.
And what does he do. When I finished I took a drink and a cigar on the balcony. Then I feel his energy and he said. ‘You did very well’. Always comes and goes when he likes. :joy::joy::joy:


The old ones cant be killed, as their 3d shapes are merely the shadows of 4d bodies.


Good job, Borgy.


If you commute, bit of red stuff on a hankie, cough a bit, you’ll have your own train carriages and buses. :+1:

Hope it works out for you guys! :rainbow: :revolving_hearts: :rainbow_flag: