That Moment When 3


Lmao this is too funny

Haters gonna hate
Tomatoes gonna Tomate
Potatoes gonna potate


The 1986 Jeff Goldblum one, of course :grin:


That moment when you question how anyone can drink wine :upside_down_face:


We sip it! Or we just one shot it, honestly :smirk:


Tastes horrible at least I got a buzz of off it


My liver disagrees :joy::wine_glass:


You can keep it :dizzy_face: give me whiskey or some flavored drink any day


:fearful: thats some brutal ass-fucking-skill right there… holy shit


TMW you finally get it:

the order that amazon stubbornly refuses to let you pay for,
includes items that are from sellers you dont already know…

two books.
One 600 page book and another ~200 page book by micheal w. ford.

…there are orders prior AND after this one, and they went fine…

they dont wanna take the money from my account
they dont want me to transfer it to them
they dont accept my credit card

Something or someone, is pretty determined to NOT let me read that book…
~can you might sense who?

My guess: the old ones want me to get real, and to start serious shit with them,
or they will fuck up anything else -reminds me to whats been said about lilith
“she will either guide you or drag you along” …“ill forcefuck your carcass”
~Well, good ol LiL isnt completely out of the picture, since v.k.jehannums hymn
(look below) includes her too. (like dozens of other big bad boy entities)

or was it a certain .…someone?

:thinking: … whoever it was, being direct isnt really his/her thing


the bigger one of the two books:


TMW you see how many broken people turn to LHP for spells to fix a problem when they’d be better served by just fixing themselves first.


TMW you wake up angry because you dreamed that someone ate you’re food.


Have you tried contacting their customer support. I’ve had sites go buggy for short periods if they were doing updates of some kind.


Partially true in my experience, this is why there are practices focused on internal alchemy and practices on manifesting your reality. The 2 intertwine but not everyone is ment to come at problems from the same angle, or at least the same problem.


I just think healing of self and evolving will fix a lot of problems and perceptions people have. I think of the love/relationship related spell work. I’m just shaking my head at it. Not everyone can think with the head though.


That moment when you’re so confused…


Talk it out man (or lady).




per email, i suggested them to let me tranfer the money,
if anything else fails.


Heat and cold, waving through me.

As “today”, i left the house, and found myself greated by wild, fresh but “heavy” wind.
The air had more wieght than usual, it was, as the strong winds from devils reef had followed me into this world. And then i listened to the ost.

Fiction, the reason i get more drawn towards the old ones,
since there is nothing drawing me towards any other group of entities.

~While listening to the “monotone”, re-recorded tapes, i feel the rythm.
Heat and cold, never really leaving. The very physical excitement and fright.

Listening to that harsh voice, reading out loud the “shadow over innsmouth”,
while arriving at work unusually early, as i was instinctively looking for some grater privacy in doing so. I managed to get more done than ever, and the cold waves had driven my forward,
in a organic, steady fashion.

I cant help, but thinking about gathering some wood planks or cheap cabinets, painting them,
decorating them and dragging those things into the forest.

Considering what we know now, its frightful, that a man from the early 20th century knew what was only discovered recently, or fairly hidden in the east since times before the buddha. (~2550years)


Even though, its true he was a fairly racist person in his youth, closer to the end of his fairly short live, it faided drasticly. Anyway… even if maybe not exactly a madman himself, he left his ficiton, to awoke the within anyone that was about to come.

I feel the irrational urge, to go to the woods, and chanting til collapse,
in front of those signs, glowing in the dark.

I feel, that the ambient music feels impotent, compared to the rough recordings,
speaking the words as they were written, without any distortion of translation.

“from beyond”. thats what i think about, while looking at radionic devices, and scrolling through youtube channels like “mangetic minds”.

I beg this madness to fill me, its curling tentacles at and through my skin,
feel so exciting.

I must not return, but even if i would dared to do so, it, they would drive me back.
~The concept of solidity and individuality, is tortured, desintegrated while considering these things.

…I came to think, that might what we consider “prana” is nothing but a race of smoke-fluid astral beings, which we just absorb on a regular basis… I mean: What do we really know?

Now, now i understand my the first appeal of the “pseudonomicon” again,
even though its not really a grimoire, more a foundation, a way of approching them,

The madness, knowing that you cant run, cant escape, cant hide.
The old ones are outside, and inside…within anything.

Is this everwaving storm of forces, the call, the offer of the madness i seeked for all that time?
The voilating push towards the greater truths and powers of the existence, the becoming?

The soul devouring act, that turned Asura immortal, but mad?
The realization of fishmen heritage, below devils reef?
The gift of remote answers, to quesitons never asked, brought down from the thickened vitae of Malkav?

I greet you. I cant let you in, since your already are inside… all i can do, is to acknowledge you.

It does not matter anymore, if im mad or sane.
~It would be greater delusion to attempt to ignore them.


That moment when you are buzzed and loving every minute of it… Brandy